Chapter 1339 – Chaotic Space

Chapter 1339 – Chaotic Space

The bald youth and his squad rapidly flew through the air, finally passing through the thick miasma of fog and arriving in a spacious open area. There was almost a hundred people already waiting here.

They all wore the uniform clothing of the Skydark Holy Lands. The one in the lead was tall with eyebrows like swords and eyes like stars. He stood atop a spinning wheel, grasping a black heavy sword in his hands. His entire body emitted a light pressure; this sort of pressure originated from standing at the top for a long time.

He was an early Divine Transformation martial artist and his foundation was extremely solid. Energy surged within his body. One only needed to see him to know that he wasn’t an ordinary Divine Transformation martial artist.

As the bald youth saw this person, he immediately bowed and said, “Greetings to Hall Master Nether.”

In the world of martial artists, status was important and rigid. It was clear that this bald youth respected this Hall Master Nether a great deal.

This Hall Master was named Nether Darklight....

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