Chapter 1339 Chaotic Space

Chapter 1339 – Chaotic Space

The bald youth and his squad rapidly flew through the air, finally passing through the thick miasma of fog and arriving in a spacious open area. There was almost a hundred people already waiting here.

They all wore the uniform clothing of the Skydark Holy Lands. The one in the lead was tall with eyebrows like swords and eyes like stars. He stood atop a spinning wheel, grasping a black heavy sword in his hands. His entire body emitted a light pressure; this sort of pressure originated from standing at the top for a long time.

He was an early Divine Transformation martial artist and his foundation was extremely solid. Energy surged within his body. One only needed to see him to know that he wasn’t an ordinary Divine Transformation martial artist.

As the bald youth saw this person, he immediately bowed and said, “Greetings to Hall Master Nether.”

In the world of martial artists, status was important and rigid. It was clear that this bald youth respected this Hall Master Nether a great deal.

This Hall Master was named Nether Darklight. For someone to become a Hall Master of the Skydark Holy Lands at the Divine Transformation realm wasn’t easy at all. It was clear that this person had significant status in the Skydark Holy Lands.

Moreover, his surname was Nether. This also meant that he was a descendant of Tian Mingzi.

Nether Darklight looked at the bald youth and then glanced over the people behind him one at a time. His eyes paused on Lin Ming’s body for a brief moment before continuing.

“All loose cultivators, go to the side.”

A disciple underneath Nether Darklight yelled at Lin Ming and the others to clear the way. One could see at the sides that there were already dozens of loose cultivators here.

“Gathering so many loose cultivators?”

The bald youth had brought Lin Ming along because he had originally thought Lin Ming would be useful to him. He never thought that the other squads would also bring a massive number of loose cultivators. Moreover, the strength of these people was clearly inferior to that of Lin Ming. What help would these people be in capturing the primordial epoch spirit root? They couldn’t even qualify as cannon fodder.

“Keeping them with us is useful. Let’s go.”

As Nether Darklight spoke, he took out six purple charms from his spatial ring and tossed them in the air. Then, Lin Ming was surprised by what happened afterwards. These six purple charms constantly spun in the air until they formed a purple space-time gate.

“Come on!”

Nether Darklight waved his hand and flew into the space-time gate.

“This is…”

Lin Ming’s eyes widened. These six purple charms didn’t seem too formidable, but they were actually able to pierce through space and form a space channel.

It had to be known that within the Divine Realm, shuttling through the void just once consumed a massive amount of energy. And as for creating a stable space channel and maintaining it, the energy required reached colossal proportions.

At Lin Ming’s side, a black-clothed man saw his surprise and said, “Friend, you don’t seem to come from the Demondawn Great World?”

Lin Ming turned his head. The man who spoke had an ashen appearance and looked very humble. His cultivation was at the middle Divine Sea realm and his foundation was a sloppy wreck; he was a standard loose cultivator.

Beside him was a blue-clothed girl. She had a cute and clever appearance and her skin seemed taut and supple.

“I’m not.” Lin Ming shook his head. He knew that what happened just now was likely something that was general knowledge on the Demondawn Great World, and the surprise he revealed just now was clearly not the reaction that someone from the Demondawn Great World should have. Since that was the case, there was no need to hide anything.

“I thought so…” The black-clothed man shook his head, “I don’t know how you came to the Demondawn Great World. This is a land that you should never have stepped foot on. This entire place is in chaos and it is simply impossible for a loose cultivator to live reasonably well. Even many small sects find it hard to gain a foothold. For these small sects, being exterminated overnight is something common.”

As the black-clothed man spoke, the girl beside him constantly nodded.

“Me and my little sister were both born here. There’s nothing else we can do about it. We simply don’t have the means for interstellar travel so we can only keep living here in constant fear.”

Lin Ming said, “If you aren’t strong, living anywhere isn’t easy at all. This brother, may I ask you what this space-time channel is?”

“You may not be aware, but the location of this Demondawn Jungle is special. It is rumored that there was once an earth-shaking battle between immortals and demons in the far-off ancient past. The fall out of that great war caused many holes to be pierced through the barriers of the Demondawn Great World as well as the countless divergent worlds and realms. Because of that, the space here is extremely complicated. The deeper you go, the more this is true. Even a World King or Holy Lord powerhouse wouldn’t dare to go into the deepest parts of Demondawn Jungle. Otherwise, once they enter the space maze, they might lose themselves within. The space here is extremely unstable to begin with, so forming a space channel isn’t difficult. This is a slightly safer method of travelling. On the other hand, transferring through the void itself is much more risky. If you’re not careful then you might transfer yourself to some chaotic world and never come out.”

“Oh? There is something like that?” Lin Ming’s mind stirred. This great battle between immortals and demons, just what was that? What did ‘immortals’ and ‘demons’ refer to? Was it possible that the reason there were so many demon races on the Demondawn Great World was related to this great war between immortals and demons?

“It seems that in the past several days I’ve only been in the outermost surrounding area of Demondawn Jungle. I haven’t gone far in at all.”

As Lin Ming was thinking this, he had already flown into the space channel. Everything within this space channel was twisted. In an instant, all sorts of images appeared. These images seemed as if they lasted a long time but also just for a split-second. Then, a space opened in front of Lin Ming.

As he left the space channel he arrived in another extremely primitive jungle. This jungle looked almost exactly the same as before; it was nearly impossible to distinguish the difference between the areas. If he went too deep into Demondawn Jungle, there was a possibility that he would become lost.

In this area of the jungle, there were also another hundred people waiting. Among these people were actually six Divine Lord powerhouses.

“Hall Master White, Hall Master Luo, you’ve all waited for a long time.”

Nether Darklight cupped his hands together. Although these six people were Divine Lord realm powerhouses, they were still Hall Masters just like Nether Darklight. One could also see from this that the potential of these six people was far inferior to Nether Darklight; they were only ordinary Divine Lord powerhouses.

“It’s about time. Let’s leave now and go capture the primordial epoch spirit root.”

“Should we not wait longer? We are still lacking in manpower. Hall Master Blue will catch up soon. If we wait for him then capturing the primordial epoch spirit root will be easily accomplished.”

“There is no need to wait. The primordial epoch spirit root is even more familiar with Demondawn Jungle than we are. If we wait for Hall Master Blue to arrive, who knows where it will have gone by then.”

It was impossible to use void transferal in Demondawn Jungle. Even Holy Lord powerhouses had to honestly fly around. In addition, Demondawn Jungle was an incomparably broad land. Wanting to discover the primordial epoch spirit root in a short period of time and also gather everyone together wasn’t realistic at all.

“That’s fine. If we can catch the primordial epoch spirit root then that will be a great merit for all of us.”

The group of several hundred people flew for some time. An old man led the way, grasping a charm in his hand and constantly correcting his position. Along the way, he also sent out a series of sound transmitting talismans. He wanted to contact the disciples who first found the primordial epoch spirit root, but he didn’t receive any response at all.

“There is no need to contact them. Those disciples have likely already died.”

“Mm…” The old man nodded, his complexion a bit gloomy. Although the primordial epoch spirit root was a spirit plant, it could still devour humans.

These sorts of spirit plants could entangle a person in their roots and then dig their root hairs into their body, sucking up their flesh and blood. It would only take a brief moment to suck an adult human dry.

“It’s here.”

The old man holding the charm stopped in the skies above a certain portion of the jungle. There wasn’t anything about this area that seemed out of place.

“Be careful. This primordial epoch spirit root is itself a wood-attribute spirit plant. Once it hides in the jungle, it is extremely difficult to find. It can ambush us at any moment.”

The six old Divine Lord powerhouses took the lead to fly into the jungle. But, the moment they approached, all of the trees in the surroundings seemed to come to life. Countless vines shot out, firing towards all the martial artists in the sky as if they were about to suck them all in.


The Divine Lord powerhouses in the lead were overwhelmed, shocked. “Be careful! This area of the jungle and all of the vegetation here is being completely controlled by the primordial epoch spirit root!”

The old man grasping a charm shouted out loud. At the same time, the entire jungle dissolved into a black swamp. All of the trees and plants began to crazily wave around like a demonic spirit!

“No! this isn’t a jungle at all! All of the trees here are the root hairs of the primordial epoch spirit root! They are only a part of its main body!”

The primordial epoch spirit root had already stayed in this part of the jungle for a long time and sucked up all the world essence energy in the surroundings. It had turned this entire area into a dark swamp filled with deadly gas. Then, it used its root hairs to disguise this area as a jungle. These methods even surprised Lin Ming. In Lin Ming’s mind, the primordial epoch spirit root was nothing but a slightly larger ginseng, but because it had survived for so long it had gained a mind of its own and was able to avoid capture. Over time, it might have even developed defensive capabilities. But, he never thought that this primordial epoch spirit root would be so terrifying!

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