Chapter 1338 Finding the Spirit Root

Chapter 1338 – Finding the Spirit Root

“This black patterned python has an aura equal to the weakest early Divine Transformation realm power…”

Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred. He could feel an approximate level of strength from this python. This sort of strength was nothing to him, but to the Skydark Holy Land disciples behind him, it was enough to ruin them all.

Lin Ming quietly walked forwards. If this were normal circumstances and he were an ordinary wandering cultivator, then after walking 10 more steps he would die without a doubt.

Lin Ming didn’t want to expose his strength so soon. With a thought, undetectable divine dream marks slowly fluttered out from him, silently submerging into the swamp and drilling into that black python’s head.

The black python shook as its spiritual sea grew thick with all sorts of illusions. Then, it immediately fell into a lethargic, sleeping state.

Like this, Lin Ming led the others safely onwards.

Along the way, they encountered potentially dangerous situations several times. But each time, Lin Ming managed to invade the spiritual seas of these demon beasts with the Divine Dream Law, instantly resolving it. There had yet to be a single situation in which they were ambushed.

This caused the bald youth to feel amazed. Was this boy’s luck really that good?

As the bald youth was thinking this, Lin Ming timidly said, “Senior-apprentice Brother, it's already been over an hour. Do you think that…”

The bald youth frowned. He knew that Lin Ming wanted to trade spots.

He originally thought that Lin Ming wouldn’t live for such a long time, nor did he think there wouldn’t be any sneak attacks. Perhaps… the black swamp here wasn’t as dangerous as he thought it was?

“A coward who is afraid of death will have no future at all! Zhong Feng, go trade with him.” The bald youth said to another tall burly youth.

“No problem.” Zhong Feng appeared confident in himself.

Although these people were core disciples of the Skydark Holy Lands and there were even several secret disciples of Tian Mingzi here, the truth was that Tian Mingzi’s disciples were divided into five ranks, with secret disciples being at the lowest rung. There were tens of thousands of them and there was a new batch every 10 years. It was normal for them to die in Demondawn Jungle. This was the price that a genius had to pay if they wished to grow up.

The bald youth patted Zhong Feng’s shoulders. “Maybe I was thinking too much. If this black swamp isn’t as dangerous as I thought then it doesn’t matter.”


Zhong Feng changed spots with Lin Ming and the squad continued forwards. But, after just an incense stick of time, Lin Ming could feel several great beasts lurking in the distance. There was a 100 foot alligator hiding underground, and beneath this giant alligator were also three black pythons. They were concealing their aura with the help of the swamp. It was impossible for a normal martial artist to sense them.

Zhong Feng unknowingly walked forwards. At this time, the giant alligator suddenly jumped upwards, chomping down at Zhong Feng.


A terrifying roar shook the eardrums. Zhong Feng was shocked. He brought the hammer in his hands smashing down on the alligator’s back. As a late Divine Sea master, this hammer strike was similar to a falling mountain. Even if this alligator had thick skin and flesh it still gave a miserable scream as it was smashed away!

However, the moment that the giant alligator was pounded away, the three black pythons snapped forwards, their bodies like spears thrusting towards Zhong Feng.

“Be careful!”

The bald youth cried out in alarm. But, it was too late!

Zhong Feng had exhausted his old strength and hadn’t been able to recover himself yet; he was unable to resist the attacks of these three black pythons. Moreover, these three black pythons lived in a symbiotic state with the giant alligator. The giant alligator would grab the attention of the prey while the black pythons would launch a second sneak attack!

This sort of ambush was almost impossible to defend against. Many masters had died like this!


Without caring about ruining his meridians, Zhong Feng forcefully revolved his strength to the limit. His fist came pounding out, sending a python flying away. But, the second python’s attack shattered his protective true essence, and then without any time to react at all, the last python pierced through his left chest!

Blood shot into the air!


The bald youth and the others all rushed forwards, joining their strength to kill the pythons.

The great alligator wanted to counterattack but was also killed by the others. In truth, its strength wasn’t too great; it was equal to a late Divine Sea human martial artist. Its true strength lay in its strange attack method and its dual sneak attack. Moreover, it was a beast that conserved its strength, pouring all of it into that single ambush. This would allow these beasts to kill a martial artist that was slightly stronger than them! This was also the reason why this black swamp was so dangerous.

At this time, Zhong Feng’s entire body was covered with blood. His complexion had turned a deep purple – these were clearly the symptoms of some virulent poison.

“Zhong Feng!”

“Junior-apprentice Brother!”

The disciples of the Skydark Holy Lands surrounded Zhong Feng. They saw that a massive hole had been pierced through his chest, his heart had been torn, and even his blood had turned black. Unless one had an extreme heaven-step pill, it would be impossible to save him.

But, besides the bald youth there were only two or three other secret disciples of Tian Mingzi present. The others were all ordinary inner court disciples, so how could they possibly possess an extreme heaven-step pill? That was a medicine on the level of a Boundless World Pill. Even if they were to sell everything in their possession and multiply that by 10, they still wouldn’t be able to afford it.

“It’s hopeless. He can’t be saved.”

The bald youth gloomily said, his complexion ugly.

Zhong Feng painfully groaned. This snake venom entered his bone marrow. Painful to the extreme. He struggled about, his fingers digging deep into the mud as unwillingness was etched on his face. Because he was losing blood too quickly and his chest was torn open, it was hard for him to make any sounds.

“Junior-apprentice Brother, I am sorry. I know that the flower-patterned snake’s venom is incomparably painful, but there is nothing I can do to save you. I can only end your pain here.” As the bald youth spoke, his brought the saber in his hands downwards, piercing through Zhong Feng’s throat. Zhong Feng’s eyes widened, his pupils turning up into his head as he died where he was.

The bald youth stood up, his appearance extremely grim. He stared at Lin Ming, his eyes similar to a beast staring at its prey, incomparably brutal.

“This is all your damned fault! If it weren’t for you, then why would my junior-apprentice brother die!?”

The bald youth angrily shouted, his eyes revealing a thick killing intent. In his opinion, if Lin Ming had been in front leading the way and didn’t request to change spots, then Zhong Feng wouldn’t have died.

Lin Ming had been safe leading the way, but Zhong Feng had died. In the bald youth’s mind, Lin Ming had killed his junior-apprentice brother by proxy. To him, just a finger of a Skydark Holy Lands disciple was 10,000 times more precious than the life of a wandering cultivator like Lin Ming.

“Do you really think you have equal status or authority to us? The wandering cultivators of the Demondawn Great World are nothing but ants, and you are just a slightly larger ant, worth nothing at all! Now fuck off to the front and lead the way, otherwise you’re dead here and now!”

Facing the bald youth’s bloodstained saber and blatant killing intent, Lin Ming remained silent. He stepped forwards and continued to lead the way.

As the bald youth said, their status was indeed not equal with Lin Ming’s, except that the ants here were not Lin Ming but these disciples of the Skydark Holy Lands.

As Lin Ming led the way, there naturally weren’t any dangers. He smoothly caused all of those ambushing vicious beasts to fall into a deep slumber.

“How is this possible… this brat’s luck is too good.” The bald youth’s complexion was extremely ugly. But, just as they were about to leave this black swamp, at this time, a small jade slip on the bald youth’s body exploded and a message appeared in his mind.

The bald youth was stunned. “The primordial epoch spirit root has been found!”


The surrounding disciples all turned to look at the bald youth. Even Lin Ming’s heart stirred as he looked backwards.

“In the northeast direction, 3000 miles away. The disciples of Silk Fan Hall have found the primordial epoch spirit root! We have to hurry to support them! Let’s go!”

As the bald youth spoke, he flew straight towards the northeast!

Lin Ming took a deep breath. He had been waiting for this moment!

The reason he followed the bald youth’s squad and ignored their incessant whining was not because he was thinking they could find the primordial epoch spirit root. After all, Demondawn Jungle was countless tens of thousands of miles wide. Wanting to rely on this small squad to find the tiny primordial epoch spirit root was like looking for a needle in the ocean.

No, what he was relying on was everyone else. With millions of Skydark Holy Lands disciples and wandering cultivators joining together, the efficiency of searching rose up countless times over.

Then 10 plus Skydark Holy Lands disciples flew up, following the bald youth. Lin Ming naturally followed from behind, flying at an unhurried pace.

As these people flew, they chose to return via the route they had just taken. This was a wise decision. The vicious beasts on this path had been hypnotized by Lin Ming so there wouldn’t be any troubles at all.

“This idiot, he’s actually following us. Good, he still has his uses.”

The bald youth thought that after scaring Lin Ming just now, he would surely have fled as soon as possible. He didn’t think that Lin Ming would have the courage to continue following them.

“Hehe, this boy has no choice but to follow. If he stays in Demondawn Jungle by himself, he will become nothing but food for the vicious beasts here.”

The disciples of the Skydark Holy Lands simply didn’t bother paying any attention to Lin Ming, instead flying faster. But, although Lin Ming seemed as if he couldn’t keep up anymore, he never fell too far behind.

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