Chapter 1337 – Eavesdropping

Chapter 1337 – Eavesdropping

“We still haven’t found it but that is also reasonable. The primordial epoch spirit root possesses its own wisdom. If we want to find it, it won’t be easy. But, that is unimportant. Our Skydark Holy Lands have sent out a million disciples as well as countless other wandering cultivators. Finding the primordial epoch spirit root is something that will happen sooner or later. Still, there is another matter that I’m afraid won’t be so easy to complete…”

The bald youth thoughtfully said. Many of those present simply didn’t know what this other matter was.

“It's fine, you can all go now.”

The bald youth waved his hand, sending the outer court disciples of the Skydark Holy Lands as well as the outer court disciples to rest. “Wait. You right there, what was your name?”

The bald youth pointed at Lin Ming.

“Reporting to Senior-apprentice Brother, my surname is Duanmu, Duanmu Qun.”

Lin Ming casually gave out Duanmu Qun’s name. Duanmu Qun was a fey from the Holy Demon Continent.

“Duanmu Qun, mm, your performance was good today. Although your cultivation methods are rough and your foundation isn’t too solid, you can be considered quite good for a wandering cultivator. Tomorrow you can join our group!”

In the process of searching for the primordial epoch...

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