Chapter 1335 – Primordial Epoch Spirit Root

Chapter 1335 – Primordial Epoch Spirit Root

After leaving Divine Dream Heavenly Palace, Lin Ming sank his thoughts into the spatial ring that Granny Mirage had given him. There was only a single jade card within. This jade card was marked with the aura of Empyrean Divine Dream. Upon further inspection, he could confirm that this was a protective talisman.

Lin Ming’s talent was amazingly high and his future achievements were without limit. The only problem was that he had yet to grow. Thus, Empyrean Divine Dream had used a bit of her own aura to make a protective talisman in order to help Lin Ming defend himself in certain situations. But, this sort of protective talisman could only be used once.

Even so, a talisman that could get him out of a dire situation just once was more than enough. At other times, Lin Ming had to rely on himself to survive the trials and tribulations he had to pass. This was how a genius had to grow. They had to rely on themselves to slaughter their way along the bloody path that led to the peak of all martial arts. If they lost, they would perish and turn into ash.

“Empyrean Divine Dream is quite generous to me.” Lin Ming was grateful. Empyrean Divine Dream was not his friend or family or much related to him in any other way. For her to treat him in such a manner was already an extremely high form of benevolence. Of course, Lin Ming also knew that the reason...

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