Chapter 1334 Soul Shifting Art

Chapter 1334 – Soul Shifting Art

Divine Dream Heavenly Palace’s Library Pavilion was located in a separate world within Divine Dream Heavenly Palace. There was a giant signboard written with the two words of ‘Library Pavilion’ in the language of the ancient Divine Realm. This signboard exuded the charm of long lost years.

After Lin Ming arrived at Library Pavilion, he felt a faint divine sense washing over him. If it weren’t for the senses of his divine soul becoming increasingly sharp after cultivating the Divine Dream Law, he simply wouldn’t have been able to sense this.

He knew that there were some people secretly spying on him.

Lin Ming didn’t bother with this. He walked into Library Pavilion and looked around. There were rows upon rows of bookshelves, carefully lined with countless jade slips. If any one of these jade slips were picked up, there would be a tremendous amount of information contained within. Not only did they included all the various arcane skills of Divine Dream Heavenly Palace, but they also recorded the history of the entire Divine Realm, geography, customs, and regional situations of the 3000 great worlds. There was also information on every influence that occupied these lands.

As Lin Ming was casually looking through the jade slips, his footsteps suddenly paused.


Lin Ming discovered that when he wanted to enter deeper into Library Pavilion, there was actually an invisible enchantment blocking him. This layer of enchantment was similar to Frost Dream’s divine dream space, but there were also some differences.

The enchantment in Library Pavilion was countless times stronger than Frost Dream’s divine dream space. However, it had no killing intent or offensive capability at all. Its sole purpose was to prevent Lin Ming from continuing forwards.

“So that’s how it is. There’s something this strange in Library Pavilion?”

Lin Ming recalled Granny Mirage’s cunning smile and finally understood just what she felt was so amusing. This Library Pavilion was not easy to enter. If one couldn’t unravel this enchantment then it was impossible to go deeper.

It wasn’t strange for this type of situation to occur. In any other sect, core inheritances could not be casually taught to whoever wished to learn them. Moreover, the higher a disciple’s cultivation, the greater authority they had.

But to Lin Ming, this enchantment wasn’t anything at all. As long as one understood the Divine Dream Law they could easily part this chaotic divine dream energy and walk in unimpeded.

With just a thought, the divine dream energy around Lin Ming parted like a current of water around a rock. He strode deeper into Library Pavilion.

“Mm? He went in?”

Granny Mirage, who had been secretly observing Lin Ming this entire time, was surprised. If one wished to enter this enchantment, they had to rely upon their ability to utilize the Divine Dream Law. Otherwise, if one were to use brute force to rush in, they would receive a counterattack from the enchantment. She thought that Lin Ming would rely on his deep foundation and formidable strength to hurl himself deep into Library Pavilion. If he did so, he would be ruthlessly ejected backwards by Library Pavilion’s array formation.

But, she never imagined that Lin Ming would revolve the Divine Dream Law and easily enter deeper into Library Pavilion.

For 100 days, Lin Ming had studied the Divine Dream jade slip by himself. Without a teacher to guide him and without any spirit source, he was actually able to understand some of the intricate mysteries of the Divine Dream Law?

Granny Mirage felt this was unbelievable. Were there people in this world that had talent of such a degree?

As Lin Ming slowly walked through, he would look at the jade slips around him. Every now and then he would stop and meditate over one for some time.

“Mm? Soul Shifting Art?”

On one jade slip, Lin Ming found an arcane skill called the Soul Shifting Art. This technique was used to seize the bodies of others. It could help a soul that had lost its mortal shell to seize a new body.

To a soul that lost its body, seizing a new body was not the best choice at all. This was because the body and soul would not fit together, and if the two were forcibly fused, both the body and soul would suffer damage. Thus, seizing the body of another was something that couldn’t be casually done.

And, this technique was to support the seizing of a body. It could reduce the negative side effects of seizing a body to a minimum.

This was an arcane skill developed by an ancient Empyrean. Although it didn’t have any striking power, it didn’t have any supportive effect on cultivation, and it definitely wasn’t on the level of a transcendent divine might, the rank was still extremely high. In particular, to a soul that had lost its mortal body, this was a priceless treasure.

Lin Ming certainly didn’t need it, but he knew two soul forms that did – Demonshine and Mo Eversnow.

Lin Ming held gratitude towards both of them. In the past, he had also promised to help them find a suitable mortal body. This Soul Shifting Art had simply come at the perfect time.

“Miss Mo.”

“Mm, I understand. Let’s both remember this cultivation method. When we return to the Sky Spill Continent, you can fulfill your promise to Demonshine about restoring him to a body.”

The situation with Mo Eversnow’s body was not easy to solve, but Demonshine’s situation was much easier.

Demonshine’s cultivation wasn’t too high in the past. Lin Ming guessed that in human terms, Demonshine had once been between the Divine Transformation and Divine Lord realms. Looking for a body for Demonshine in the Divine Realm wasn’t difficult at all.

Although the Soul Shifting Art was a very high level ability, it wasn’t complex at all. Lin Ming was able to fully understand this technique in about a dozen days.

Then, Lin Ming continued walking deeper into Library Pavilion, perceiving more and more the deeper in he went.

A month later, Lin Ming finally entered the middle regions of Library Pavilion. Here, the divine dream enchantment was even more formidable than the one on the outer edges. Still, with Lin Ming’s understandings of the Divine Dream Law, unraveling it wasn’t difficult at all.

All of this fell into Granny Mirage’s eyes, making her even more surprised! She simply couldn’t imagine how Lin Ming had managed to learn the Divine Dream Law to such a degree.

“What the hell, this brat can actually enter the middle regions of Library Pavilion?!”

After Lin Ming entered the outer area of Library Pavilion, Granny Mirage had been forced to admit that Lin Ming’s talent was amazing. She had convinced herself that he had entered due to his ridiculous perception. Even so, she never thought that after entering the outer areas of Library Pavilion, Lin Ming would the proceed to casually stroll into the middle regions. This perception was much higher than what she had assumed before. He had been able to reach this level of understanding by studying the Divine Dream Law on his own? Was this the degree of perception that a true genius possessed?

One month, two months, three months, four months…

From the outer region of Library Pavilion, to the middle regions, and finally nearing the central region, Lin Ming continued to walk deeper and deeper. By reading the various jade slips in Library Pavilion that were filled with a wealth of unimaginable knowledge and also simultaneously resisting the divine dream enchantment all around here, this was a form of tempering Lin Ming’s divine soul.

Hu - !

Lin Ming stepped into the third level enchantment barrier of Library Pavilion. This was also the central region of Library Pavilion. Here, Lin Ming could feel a deep pressure on him. Even so, he only needed to adjust himself for some time before continuing onwards.

In order to avoid being too exaggerated, Lin Ming deliberately faked a weakened appearance. His forehead was wet with sweat and his breathing was also loud.

Even though Lin Ming was intentionally putting on an act as if he found this enchantment difficult to resist, Granny Mirage still found this hard to accept.

At the start, Granny Mirage had been surprised. But now, she was shocked numb. She could only sum all of this up to Lin Ming’s monstrous talent.

Even though Granny Mirage didn’t like Lin Ming, she couldn’t help but acknowledge his talent. Within the entire Divine Realm, perhaps only Xiao Moxian could compare with him.

Like this, Lin Ming stayed in Library Pavilion for 150 days. With the additional 100 days of perceiving the Divine Dream jade slip again, nearly a year had passed in Divine Dream Heavenly Palace. He began to prepare himself to leave Divine Dream Heavenly Palace and return to the lower realms.

After reaching the Divine Sea realm, making a breakthrough in his cultivation wasn’t something he needed to hurry. Entering the Divine Transformation realm at 40 wasn’t too late. The most important things he needed to do now were to consolidate his foundation and understanding of Laws.

With that, his future cultivation would be a flat road, smooth and unimpeded.

“Granny Mirage, this junior bids his farewells. I thank Granny Mirage for attending to me for the past year.”

As Frost Dream and Divine Dream were still closed up in seclusion, Lin Ming could only say goodbye to Granny Mirage.

Granny Mirage’s withered face twitched several times, her complexion not too good. Facing this monstrous genius Lin Ming, she simply didn’t know what to say. Before, she had thought that Lin Ming had come to Divine Dream Heavenly Palace because he was some pervert with a dastardly plot, but only later did she realize that he really was studying the Divine Dream Law. His talent had far surpassed her level of understanding; it was simply indescribable.

In truth, Granny Mirage also felt that Lin Ming had other secrets on him. But, no matter how rich her imagination was, she would never have thought about the Magic Cube. After all, the Magic Cube itself was an enigma. She only guessed that Lin Ming had some special treasures on his body that increased his perception several times over, otherwise this was too unbelievable.

Clenching her teeth, Granny Mirage removed a ring from her finger and coldly said, “This is for you from Divine Dream.”

Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred and he directly took the ring. Since Empyrean Divine Dream wanted him to take this, he wouldn’t be rude. As he couldn’t see her, Lin Ming bowed and said, “Thank you Senior, and please thank Empyrean Divine Dream on behalf of this junior. This junior will leave now.”

As he said this, Lin Ming turned into a beam of blue light and flew away.

Granny Mirage was left behind in a stunned daze. It was only after a long time that her dour expression reappeared. She mumbled to herself, “The youths of this era are becoming increasingly dreadful. This Lin Ming… is a devil come to life. This perception is… simply unimaginable…”

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