Chapter 1334 – Soul Shifting Art

Chapter 1334 – Soul Shifting Art

Divine Dream Heavenly Palace’s Library Pavilion was located in a separate world within Divine Dream Heavenly Palace. There was a giant signboard written with the two words of ‘Library Pavilion’ in the language of the ancient Divine Realm. This signboard exuded the charm of long lost years.

After Lin Ming arrived at Library Pavilion, he felt a faint divine sense washing over him. If it weren’t for the senses of his divine soul becoming increasingly sharp after cultivating the Divine Dream Law, he simply wouldn’t have been able to sense this.

He knew that there were some people secretly spying on him.

Lin Ming didn’t bother with this. He walked into Library Pavilion and looked around. There were rows upon rows of bookshelves, carefully lined with countless jade slips. If any one of these jade slips were picked up, there would be a tremendous amount of information contained within. Not only did they included all the various arcane skills of Divine Dream Heavenly Palace, but they also recorded the history of the entire Divine Realm, geography,...

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