Chapter 1332 – Lin Ming’s Decision

Chapter 1332 – Lin Ming’s Decision

“The rule that the disciples of Divine Dream Palace are unable to marry, in fact, has an extremely long history…”

As Frost Dew spoke of this rule, she had an indifferent expression as if she didn’t mind at all. “In the past, Honorable Master Divine Dream came from a Great World King level influence, Illusion Palace, where they studied illusion techniques. The disciples of Illusion Palace were also mostly women. At that time, the rules were that core disciples could not marry. If an outer court disciple were to form a relationship with a core female disciple, then the consequences would be serious.

“Afterward, Honorable Master Divine Dream surpassed all others, evolving the illusion arts to the limit. At the same time, she also established the Divine Dream Law, and by using that as a foundation, she became an Empyrean. With the original Illusion Palace as the basis, she founded Divine Dream Heavenly Palace.

“But, the rule that core disciples could not marry continued onwards. This was because for studying the Divine Dream Law, maintaining one’s primordial yin allows for the best cultivation state. At the...

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