Chapter 1331 – Holy Land of Women

Chapter 1331 – Holy Land of Women

Divine Dream gave Lin Ming three days to reunite with his family and friends. During these days, the Ancient Phoenix Clan lived in Vast Universe Heavenly Palace. In front of their palace, countless visitors came each day. Spirit boats, spirit ships, all of them hovered in the skies above, blocking out the sun.

Without a doubt, they were all here to see Lin Ming.

In the inner courtyard of the palace, Lin Ming was together with Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan. He was about to leave soon, and this time he simply didn’t know how long he would be gone for. He naturally wouldn’t waste his time entertaining those people outside who he didn’t know.

Of course, these people also knew that if Lin Ming didn’t perish in the future he would certainly become an Empyrean. Treating them a bit coldly was normal.

They didn’t need to see Lin Ming in person. Rather, greeting the high level figures of the Ancient Phoenix Clan and leaving behind some congratulatory gifts was more than enough.

During this period, the bank president of True Martial Great World’s Starbind Bank also came to visit. He directly waived Lin Ming’s debt of 7 trillion violet sun stones and even returned the dragon bone relics that he had pawned.

This person was the only one Lin Ming received. After all, when Lin...

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