Chapter 1330 – The Mysteries of Empyrean Primordius

Chapter 1330 – The Mysteries of Empyrean Primordius

“Senior Divine Dream, when this junior participated in the First Martial Meeting preliminaries, I once killed a red-furred monster and saw some of the images in its mind. It seemed to have come from a ‘Soul World’?”

Within the Divine Dream World, Lin Ming had killed a red-furred monster and absorbed the elementary spirit source in its body. Along with this spirit source, he had also absorbed some of the red-furred monster’s memories and knew that it was a soul life form imprisoned by Divine Dream.

At that time, Lin Ming had felt that all of this was strange. The Soul World didn’t seem like a part of the Divine Realm at all.

“Yes, the Soul World is one of the 33 Layered Heavens. As for that nightmare beast, it belongs to the spiritas, the soul race.

“Within the 33 Layered Heavens, the three races with the most individuals are – the human race, saint race, and soul race. Among them, humanity primarily cultivates the essence gathering system, the saints primarily cultivate the body transformation system, and the spiritas primarily cultivate the soul forging system.

“These three races have existed for a long time. In the endless years of the past, each race has had their own golden era where they shined the brightest. The human race also prospered once, flourishing in brilliant splendor...

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