Chapter 133 - Digging Your Own Grave

Chapter 133 Digging Your Own Grave.


Chapter 133 – Digging Your Own Grave

“Early Bone Forging stage!” Lin Ming instantly judged. His cultivation was not too far off from Zhang Guanyu’s, and he was able to see through his cultivation level.

In the Seven Profound Martial House’s Heavenly Abode, there were only two disciples at the Bone Forging stage. One was Ta Ku, and the other was Zhang Guanyu. Their true combat prowess outside of the Seven Profound Martial House was absolutely stronger than regular peak Bone Forging stage martial artist!

“Oh, Mister Lin! What a fortunate meeting, fortunate meeting!” After Zhang Guanyu saw Lin Ming, he closed his fan and walked forwards with a bright smile plastered on his face.

Lin Ming smiled as he saw Zhang Guanyu’s acting. ‘You’re a good one, Zhang Guanyu; much better than Zhu Yan!’

At most, Zhu Yan was just sinister, vicious and subject to changing moods. But this Zhang Guanyu, not only was he demented, but his skin was so thick to the point of making one’s blood boil!

“I wouldn’t have thought, I really wouldn’t have thought!” Zhang Guanyu pulled up his robes and sat down on a stool in front of Lin Ming. “I didn’t think that Brother Lin would actually be an inscription grand master. When I heard this news, I just couldn’t believe it! Wow! A 15 year old inscription...

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