Chapter 1329 – Secret of the Great Calamity

Chapter 1329 – Secret of the Great Calamity

“Junior Lin Ming greets Senior Empyrean Divine Dream and Senior Empyrean Vast Universe.”

Lin Ming first respectfully bowed. Then, he said, “If seniors allow, this junior has some matters that he hopes two seniors can provide guidance with.”

“Speak.” Divine Dream casually waved her hand and the surroundings rapidly changed. The three of them immediately arrived in a charming spring prairie with fragrant flowers and trees all about. Springs trickled, beautiful to the eyes.

This was an enchantment that Empyrean Divine Dream laid down. Within this enchantment, it was impossible for anyone else to spy on their conversation.

“Seniors, this junior would like to ask about a previous matter first. As long as this junior has been able to enter the top three of the Earth Proclamation then I should have gained the rights to enter an Empyrean Heavenly Palace and study a transcendent divine might. This junior would like to inquire whether or not I have the option to choose.”

“Oh?” Empyrean Divine Dream faintly smiled, “What do you want to choose?”

“What this junior wishes to choose is the Divine Dream Law created by Senior!”

Empyrean Divine Dream was not surprised by Lin Ming’s honest words, but Empyrean Vast Universe smiled. He heartily laughed, “Young man, it seems that you don’t have a liking for my Vast Universe...

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