Chapter 1328 – The Final Result

Chapter 1328 – The Final Result

The enchantment of darkness created by the black hole seed lasted for a long time. In truth, the reason light was isolated outside was because of the chaotic space and time distortions.

It was only after several dozen breaths of time that people were able to clearly see what was happening on the arena stage.

Lin Ming was propping himself up with the Phoenix Blood Spear. His body was wet with blood; it was clear that he was heavily injured. But in front of Lin Ming, Frost Dream had a veil of gauze covering her face, her long hair wildly dashed about. Her breathing was also weak; it was clear that she too had been injured.

“Frost Dream was injured by Lin Ming!”

“From the start until now, this is the first time that Frost Dream has been injured!

Whether it was the Dreamsoul’s final chapter that Frost Dream played or Lin Ming’s Eternal Darkness, both were moves that overdrew their strength by summoning the limits of their energy. Even so, the collision between the two had been evenly matched, and both of them had suffered a deep backlash. Their true essence was in chaos and their meridians were torn in several places. It would be difficult for them to continue fighting.

If this were a true life or death battle then this would not be the end. They would be able to sacrifice the very foundation of their bodies as the price to continue fighting.

But this was...

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