Chapter 1325 – Dream Interpretation Scripture

Chapter 1325 – Dream Interpretation Scripture

In that instant, an incomparably powerful strength of the Divine Dream Law enveloped Frost Dream. Divine dream marks flew out from her body, spinning around, wildly dancing in the air.

Frost Dream floated in the skies, the Dream Interpretation Scripture in her hands. An unbelievable strength wildly surged outwards, flooding the entire martial field. Many of the spectators couldn’t help but be affected by this strength. The older masters were somewhat better off. With their deep cultivation, the effects weren’t too great on them. But for those juniors with weaker cultivations, as they heard the sounds of the Dream Interpretation Scripture, all of them developed infinite admiration and trust towards Frost Dream in their hearts. At this moment, to them, Frost Dream seemed like a true god living in the world.

Many of those young elites at the early Divine Sea realm and below fell to their knees, lying prostrate in worship towards Frost Dream. Those that were able to step foot in this arena were mostly geniuses from World King Level Holy Lands. But when facing Frost Dream’s Dream Interpretation Scripture, they had no strength to resist at all. In their hearts, deep within their spiritual sea, there was a thread that was resonating with Frost Dream. This power of their thoughts emerged from their bodies, gathering towards Frost Dream.

This was the power of hope and also the power of faith.

When people believed in an existence without reservation, they would devote their power of faith to it. Even a mortal’s power of faith could not be underestimated. Several mortals gathered together naturally weren’t worthy of mentioning, but with trillions of mortals gathered...

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