Chapter 1324 – Two Unrivalled Geniuses

Chapter 1324 – Two Unrivalled Geniuses

When Lin Ming fought with the Monster Prince and Dragon Fang, his Fire Laws had reached large success of the fifth level Concept.

In terms of Laws, Lin Ming was inferior to Dragon Fang. In fact, if it weren’t for the existence of the Heretical God Tree, his Laws would be even worse than the Monster Prince’s. After all, what he comprehended were the strong Space and Time Laws.

Now, after just several days of time and a deep slumber of a year and a half, Lin Ming’s Laws had reached perfection of the fifth level and he had also traced upon the threshold of the sixth level Laws.

This was a simply inconceivable accomplishment. Moreover, he had been sleeping within a time enchantment where the Laws were all in chaos. In this situation, how could he even comprehend the Laws?

The large success of the fifth level Concept was only a single step away from reaching perfection, there were countless Divine Lord powerhouses who had failed to cross this step in their lifetimes.

“What happened to Lin Ming? Was he hiding his strength before?”

“He lost to Hang Chi so miserably, so how could he possibly have hidden his strength? He must have rapidly improved in this short period of...

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