Chapter 1323 – Frost Dream’s Identity

Chapter 1323 – Frost Dream’s Identity

News of Lin Ming and Frost Dream’s upcoming match spread like wildfire. Many heroic youths that worshipped Frost Dream immediately rushed back to the martial arena in droves, hoping to see Frost Dream’s figure once more. They would be satisfied with just a glance.

Most of these people were young men; very few were women or seniors. The latter people weren’t in a hurry to return to the martial arena at all. They assumed that it would be a complete wreck. If a fight couldn’t even last for three breaths of time, then there really wasn’t any meaning at all.

There were even some people that went to ride their spirit ships to return home. In their opinion, the First Martial Meeting had ended, and this last match was only going through the moves. It could even be said that this final match would ruin the overall prestige of the tournament. Hang Chi’s battle against Frost Dream had already been spectacular enough. After watching something like that, if they were to watch someone get immediately rolled over by Frost Dream then that would leave a horrible aftertaste.

Finally, only around a quarter of the people, around 100 million, were left in the arena. A great deal of the audience stands were empty.

“Lin Ming has finally awakened…”

Not too far from the stage, Jun Bluemoon looked at Lin Ming....

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