Chapter 132 - Let’s See Who Is More Cruel

Chapter 132 – Let’s See Who Is More Cruel

Usually, a Pulse Condensation Period martial artist wouldn’t have much interest in a preliminary skill of inscription. Because they had more advanced and stronger martial skills, these skills of inscription were just too weak.

But once they knew that this skill of inscription was equal to a top tier medium-grade human-step martial skill, they became filled with jealousy. Of the Sky Fortune Kingdom’s many martial artists, almost none of them knew a medium-grade martial skill. And even if they did, it certainly would not be a top-tier one.

Which martial artist didn’t hope that they would know several different kinds of martial skills? When the time came for them to fight their enemy, even if their first move was seen through, they would still have a second one.

However, the most explosive part of this news was not the inscription symbol itself, but that the character who was creating inscription symbols turned out to be Lin Ming!

He was the Seven Profound Martial House’s genius of a century. He was also the Sky Fortune Kingdom’s most dazzling star. Not only did he comprehend a martial intent, but he also possessed an exceedingly monstrous perception. Now, it seemed, he was simultaneously an inscription technique grand master who could draw up top-tier inscription symbols with skills of inscription!

And his age was still several months shy...

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