Chapter 1319 – Dreamsoul Immortal Melody

Chapter 1319 – Dreamsoul Immortal Melody

Domain-type martial skills were extremely rare for martial artists. To obtain just a single one could raise a martial artist’s strength a great deal.

However, to those extreme geniuses that were able to stand on the stage of the First Martial Meeting, having a single domain wasn’t unusual at all. There was Hang Chi’s Samsara Domain, Ram Saber’s Saber King Domain, Lin Ming’s grandmist space, and so forth.

But until now, the undisputed number one domain was Frost Dream’s divine dream space. Just seeing it made one feel as if there was no way to rival it.

This was also reasonable. Ignoring the fact that Frost Dream had the deepest cultivation, in terms of ranks of transcendent divine mights, only Lin Ming’s grandmist space was able to compare with the divine dream space.

However, Lin Ming’s grandmist space was incomplete and Frost Dream’s divine dream space was complete. From this alone, one could see the clear difference between the two.

And Frost Dream wasn’t old either. She was still three years younger than Hang Chi. This left everyone confused. Just what sort of unique lucky chance did she encounter or what sort of singular physique did she possess that allowed her to reach this step?

Within the divine dream space, that 100,000 foot divine wall had...

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