Chapter 1317 – Cultivating the Divine Seal Art

Chapter 1317 – Cultivating the Divine Seal Art

Another year and another month passed. Deep in meditation, Lin Ming suddenly opened his eyes.

He was sitting down cross-legged in a vast and unknown space of the universe, filled with endless mist and dust. With just a glance, everything around him was wrapped in a dim haze. The surrounding space was filled with the chaotic power of space and time. Space twisted, making it impossible to identify just what direction was which, and even the flow of time was in complete upheaval. Deep within this area, even one’s normal breathing and heart rate were affected.

“I’ve arrived at this space again…” Lin Ming whispered to himself, his eyes bright and shining. He had named this space the divine seal space.

Every time he entered the divine seal space, Lin Ming was able to become aware of many things.

He closed his eyes and silently sensed the rich Space and Time Laws here. This place was like the primordial soup before the universe was formed, and the Laws here were still in their most primitive state. Wanting to become aware of these Laws was extremely easy.

During this year, Lin Ming had already comprehended the Time and Space Laws to large success of the fifth l...

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