Chapter 1316 – Dream Cultivation

Chapter 1316 – Dream Cultivation

Empyrean Divine Seal’s lifetime of knowledge and abilities were all written in the Divine Seal Art. This was a comprehensive cultivation method, not just a single move.

It included the countless Laws of the Divine Realm, including the five elemental Laws, the Life Laws, Yin Yang Laws, and so forth.

But, the main focus of the Divine Seal Art was the Space Laws and Time Laws.

These two Laws were the Laws that Empyrean Divine Seal was most skilled in.

When Lin Ming had discovered the Ancient Elysium Seal deep beneath Immemorial Imperial City, he found that Empyrean Divine Seal had used the Ancient Elysium Seal as an array eye to suppress an unknown existence. The sealing technique he used was recorded within the Divine Seal Art.

Lin Ming found it hard to imagine just what type of existence was suppressed by Empyrean Divine Seal’s Divine Seal Art for 3.6 billion years and still hadn’t died.

Even though Lin Ming had now inherited a tiny incomplete soul fragment of Empyrean Divine Seal, he still didn’t have any memories of this.

Like this, Lin Ming was lost in a deep sleep, constantly experiencing the memories left behind by Empyrean Divine Seal.

And on the arena stage, the battles were carrying on.

In Xiao...

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