Chapter 1315 – Divine Seal’s Soul

Chapter 1315 – Divine Seal’s Soul

“Lin Ming isn’t moving… was he defeated?”

“Hang Chi’s Samsara Domain is too strong. Losing to him is also reasonable…”

On the arena stage, Hang Chi was standing atop the Wheel of Samsara, floating high in the air. As for Lin Ming, he was wantonly covered in the power of samsara within the Samsara Domain, with strange dao patterns spinning around him. As for what these dao patterns meant, no one knew.

From the look of things, Lin Ming had already lost consciousness.

Was it over?

Did Lin Ming’s myth finally end here?

Ever since the First Martial Meeting began, besides not achieving first place in the preliminaries, Lin Ming had been undefeated.

No matter how strong his opponents were or how undefeatable they seemed, he had used incredible methods to erupt with an even greater power and terrifying endurance to defeat them!

Xiao Moxian, Jun Bluemoon, and Dragon Fang were all defeated by him.

Although many people knew that Hang Chi’s strength far surpassed Lin Ming’s, they still subconsciously thought that Lin Ming’s defeat was impossible.

“He already defies the heavens more than enough. For a disciple from an ordinary Holy Land background to reach this step is already amazing.”

“Hang Chi is too strong. He hasn’t wasted almost 40 years of...

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