Chapter 1315 Divine Seal’s Soul

Chapter 1315 – Divine Seal’s Soul

“Lin Ming isn’t moving… was he defeated?”

“Hang Chi’s Samsara Domain is too strong. Losing to him is also reasonable…”

On the arena stage, Hang Chi was standing atop the Wheel of Samsara, floating high in the air. As for Lin Ming, he was wantonly covered in the power of samsara within the Samsara Domain, with strange dao patterns spinning around him. As for what these dao patterns meant, no one knew.

From the look of things, Lin Ming had already lost consciousness.

Was it over?

Did Lin Ming’s myth finally end here?

Ever since the First Martial Meeting began, besides not achieving first place in the preliminaries, Lin Ming had been undefeated.

No matter how strong his opponents were or how undefeatable they seemed, he had used incredible methods to erupt with an even greater power and terrifying endurance to defeat them!

Xiao Moxian, Jun Bluemoon, and Dragon Fang were all defeated by him.

Although many people knew that Hang Chi’s strength far surpassed Lin Ming’s, they still subconsciously thought that Lin Ming’s defeat was impossible.

“He already defies the heavens more than enough. For a disciple from an ordinary Holy Land background to reach this step is already amazing.”

“Hang Chi is too strong. He hasn’t wasted almost 40 years of his life in vain.”

As everyone was speaking, Hang Chi remained silent on the arena stage. As the one controlling the Wheel of Samsara, Hang Chi could feel that from start to finish, his Wheel of Samsara had never thoroughly defeated Lin Ming.

Lin Ming’s soul was tenacious beyond imagination, and those strange divine dream marks had allows his Minor Samsara Path to forcefully resist the Wheel of Samsara. Even though Hang Chi had used the Lotus Heart Bodhi, he had only been able to suppress Lin Ming; he hadn’t been able to utterly rout him.

Although Lin Ming had fallen into the 100 Cycles of Samsara, his consciousness had remained clear throughout. This sort of feeling was like a strong wind blowing through the tough summer grass. Although the wind could blow the grass down, it couldn’t break it.

By just missing this point, Hang Chi didn’t believe he had truly won. Rather, during their intense battle, Lin Ming had voluntarily given up his consciousness and fallen into the illusions of samsara.

As if he had given up all resistance.

Hang Chi silently looked at Lin Ming within the Samsara domain. There were Law runes floating all around him, none of which he could understand.

At this time, Vast Cosmos stepped onto the arena stage. He looked over Lin Ming carefully and then said to Hang Chi, “The match has ended…”

Hang Chi shook his head, “Senior Vast Cosmos, this junior’s techniques haven’t completely defeated Benefactor Lin’s defenses. Rather, for some unknown reason, Benefactor Lin instead chose to surrender his soul defenses and fall into the Samsara Domain to withstand the power of samsara…”

“No matter what the reasoning is, the fact is that you have won.”

After falling into the endless samsaras, Lin Ming didn’t have any ability to defend himself. If Hang Chi wanted to claim victory, it would be extremely easy.

“Then let us wait a moment. I feel that Benefactor Lin may be making an unexpected breakthrough.” Hang Chi said. As a disciple of Mount Potala, Hang Chi’s natural character was one of kindness and gentle mercy. He didn’t wish to win through something that wasn’t the true martial path.

Vast Cosmos hesitated for a moment and then nodded, “Very well. We shall wait for an incense stick of time. Little Master Hang Chi’s moral character is truly praiseworthy.”

Then, a strange scene occurred on the First Martial Meeting’s arena stage. Hang Chi dismissed the Wheel of Samsara and stood on the center of the stage, his fingers gathered together in prayer. As for Lin Ming, he was floating in the air, wrapped in a faint power of samsara, with lightly glowing runes all around him.

A disciple of Vast Universe Heavenly Palace lit a stick of incense.

The incense stick slowly burned, gray smoke curling in the air.

“Why are they waiting? Isn’t the battle over?”

“I have no idea what’s happening. It seems as if Lin Ming has encountered some strange condition so they are waiting for him to wake up…”

“He was struck by Hang Chi’s Wheel of Samsara, so it’s likely difficult for him to wake up. His soul might have received some serious damage.”

The Wheel of Samsara was an offensive and defensive system, When Hang Chi fought Xiao Moxian, he hadn’t brought out the attack capabilities of the Wheel of Samsara. It was a completely different situation from now.

Lin Ming had endured the attack of the Wheel of Samsara. Everyone was able to see just how terrifying the Wheel of Samsara’s attacks were.

Even someone as strong as Lin Ming, with a freakishly strong soul defense and mortal body, still lost consciousness with a single strike.

The incense stick burnt down shorter and shorter. But, Lin Ming was still wrapped in a deep sleep, without any hint that he was regaining consciousness.

Finally, the incense stick burnt all the way down.

Vast Cosmos stepped onto the arena stage and announced the result of this match.

In the audience, the young elites of Crimson Light World were all filled with regret. They were well aware that it was unavoidable for Lin Ming to lose to Hang Chi; the difference was simply too great. But after arriving at such a step, they all still hoped that a miracle would occur. But in the end, there was no miracle at all.

And on the Ancient Phoenix Clan’s side, Huo Violentstone, Qin Xingxuan, Mu Qianyu, and the others were all worried for Lin Ming’s safety. Lin Ming’s restorative ability was extremely strong, so how come he didn’t wake up after an incense stick of time?

Vast Cosmos looked at Hang Chi and loudly proclaimed, “Hang Chi, victory!”

This loud and clear sound spread through the entire arena. This also signaled the end of this match.

Lin Ming had been defeated by Hang Chi.

“Benefactor Lin seems to have encountered some accident. I ask Senior to look after him.” Hang Chi said as he recited some Buddhist chants.

Vast Cosmos nodded. He raised his hand and Lin Ming’s body came flying over.

Vast Cosmos placed his palm on Lin Ming’s forehead, wanting to investigate the current damage to his spiritual sea. But as he inspected Lin Ming, he frowned.

Lin Ming’s spiritual sea was covered with a dim white light. It was impossible to see through it.

“How strange.”

Vast Cosmos couldn’t believe this. With his half-step Empyrean cultivation, he wasn’t able to investigate the spiritual sea of a junior?

What was going on here?

“Bring Lin Ming out of here and deliver him to a quiet room where he can rest. Look for Xin Shenzi to see to him until I come over.”

Vast Universe Heavenly Palace’s Xin Shenzi had much higher attainments in the aspect of souls and spiritual seas than Vast Cosmos did.

Several disciples of Vast Universe Heavenly Palace lifted up Lin Ming and brought him away. In this situation, many spectators could see that something was wrong.

Lin Ming might have been seriously wounded!

Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan both felt their hearts tighten. They were certainly worried about him, but they weren’t able to go to the contestant area.

“Brother Lin Ming should be fine, right? How could that monk be so heavy-handed with his moves?”

“Don’t blame others. Our husband might have encountered some special circumstances. Don’t forget, Lin Ming fell into a deep sleep for over a month after the Divine Seal Altar…”

As Mu Qianyu spoke, the disciples of the Ancient Phoenix Clan were even more worried. If he really fell into a deep sleep like last time then that wasn’t a good sign at all.

If he fell into a deep sleep again and again, that really might mean he had some particular soul damage.

“Senior-apprentice Brother Lin wouldn’t fall into a deep sleep more and more after this, right…? What if he sleeps for longer and longer each time…” A disciple whispered.

“Don’t speak nonsense.”

Huo Violentstone angrily said. His complexion was also somewhat solemn.

After Lin Ming’s loss, the tournament continued on!

Xiao Moxian against Frost Dream!

This was a long-awaited showdown. Even though there wasn’t any suspense in the result, it was still a battle between the two most outstanding young girls in the entire Divine Realm. Both of these girls had their own unique flavor and were also the dream lovers of countless young elites. How could they not be heated for this battle?

Many youths shouted until their throats were hoarse. However, the disciples of the Ancient Phoenix Clan had a perpetual malaise covering all of their hearts.

“That fellow, he’s as fierce as a farm animal, so how could he be injured?” Before stepping on stage, Xiao Moxian tilted her head, gazing on as Lin Ming was carried away to Vast Universe Heavenly Palace…


At this time, in a resting room of Vast Universe Heavenly Palace, an old man with a long beard and a floppy hat was probing Lin Ming’s spiritual sea, his eyebrows wrinkled.

“Senior Xin Shenzi, what’s the situation?” A youth asked. He was Vast Cosmos’s apprentice and a core disciple of Vast Universe Heavenly Palace.

“I cannot be sure. There are some strange runes and lines covering Lin Ming’s spiritual sea. This old man is too unlearned and ignorant; I have never seen anything like it before.”

“What do we do? Should we report this to Master Ancestor?”

The Master Ancestor that this youth referred to was naturally Empyrean Vast Universe.

Xin Shenzi said, “I simply can’t find any clues; it seems we can only trouble Honorable Master. Lin Ming’s talent is enough to alarm even Honorable Master and have him take action. We cannot make any mistakes, the consequences are simply too great.”

In the past Divine Realm First Martial Meetings, the champion didn’t often have the talent to become an Empyrean in the future. And someone that wasn’t an Empyrean level talent simply didn’t possess the qualifications to rouse an Empyrean powerhouse. This was the same as a mortal not bothering to help treat ants.

As Xin Shenzi was thinking about this further and preparing to personally approach Empyrean Vast Universe, a flame lit up in front of him.

From that flame, Empyrean Vast Universe’s voice echoed out.

“You do not have to pay attention to Lin Ming. Allow him to rest.”

As Empyrean Vast Universe spoke, Xin Shenzi and the others naturally wouldn’t do something as stupid as disobeying him. Xin Shenzi left a few disciples in the resting room and allowed Lin Ming to rest.

On the arena stage, the battle was in full swing, raging like an inferno.

As for Lin Ming, he was lost in a long dream. He dreamt that he was Empyrean Divine Seal.

He saw the world from the viewpoint of Empyrean Divine Seal, and also pondered the same questions he did.

When Empyrean Divine Seal trained, so did Lin Ming.

When Empyrean Divine Seal meditated on the Laws, Lin Ming also meditated on the Laws.

When Empyrean Divine Seal fought with powerhouses, Lin Ming also experienced these brutal battles.

These dreamy and illusive sentiments and thoughts imprinted themselves on Lin Ming’s heart. These feelings weren’t too deep and these were also comprehensions that belonged to Empyrean Divine Seal. After all, these weren’t Lin Ming’s comprehensions and didn’t necessarily suit him. In fact, he didn’t even understand the majority of them.

But these still brought a great number of inspirations to Lin Ming. To be able to see the world through the eyes of an Empyrean and also study the Laws at that height, to immediately rise to the level of an Empyrean, just who had that chance?

Or, it was more accurate to say that Empyrean Divine Seal even surpassed the boundary of an Empyrean.

There was no concept of time in these dreams. Lin Ming experienced countless years, and among these memories, he soon forgot them even as they rapidly flowed past him. Finally, there were not many runes that engraved themselves in Lin Ming’s mind.

Without knowing it, Lin Ming’s Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens was improving, evolving. His body, essence, energy, and soul all began to fuse together. This was no longer just a fusion of energy, but a true fusion of essence, energy, and divine.

His soul fused together into his flesh and blood, his flesh and blood combined with his inner world, and his inner world linked together with his spiritual sea.

Slowly, a transcendent divine might appeared in Lin Ming’s mind. Its name was… the Divine Seal Art.

Like this, Lin Ming finally understood just what runes Empyrean Divine Seal left in his body. This wasn’t just Law runes and dao patterns, but also a masterless soul fragment from Empyrean Divine Seal. This was similar to the masterless soul fragments in the Magic Cube, but millions and billions of times more valuable!

This was the masterless soul fragment of a supreme elder that surpassed an Empyrean!

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