Chapter 1314 – Divine Seal Within Samsara

Chapter 1314 – Divine Seal Within Samsara

“Benefactor Lin is truly outstanding. Your combat methods are filled with courage and vigor, but unfortunately, this poor monk will not allow you to succeed…”

Hang Chi’s voice was long and calm, accompanied by the vast echoing sounds of Buddha. And like the will of Buddha, it would not be defied!

Hang Chi placed his hands together, pinching them together in a lotus seal. Behind him, a golden circle appeared.

From within Hang Chi’s body, Buddhist symbols floated out, landing atop the Samsara Domain.

“Wheel of Samsara, Lotus Heart Bodhi.”

As Hang Chi faintly spoke these words, a luminous gold light appeared from between his eyebrows. Then, a round relic shot forth from this shining light!

As this relic appeared, it flashed with a golden light, piercing through all shrouds. This light was like a materialized sword, cutting through all!

“It’s the Lotus Heart Bodhi! Hang Chi actually has the Lotus Heart Bodhi within him! No wonder he’s so fierce!”

In the honored seating section, there were several old men who immediately recognized this golden relic – the Lotus Heart Bodhi.

“Amazing! Amazing! In the myths the Lotus Heart Bodhi is the reincarnated martyr soul of a Buddha. Every appearance...

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