Chapter 1313 – Minor Samsara Path

Chapter 1313 – Minor Samsara Path

“What is that behind Lin Ming? Is that also the Wheel of Samsara?”

“No, how could Lin Ming possibly know the Wheel of Samsara? Isn’t that a top secret inheritance of Mount Potala?”

All of the heroic young elites were incomparably shocked as they saw the black vortexes behind Lin Ming’s eyes. The power of samsara was constantly gathering within them.

This feeling was actually somewhat similar to Hang Chi!

But, the Wheel of Samsara was a transcendent divine might that belonged to Mount Potala. There was an extremely small number of truly complete jade slips. There weren’t enough for core disciples to study, so how could it possibly be taught to disciples from outside sects?

Moreover, even a supremely benevolent and kind Buddhist sect would not do something as stupid as publicly sharing their transcendent divine mights.

“How could Lin Ming possibly know Buddhist cultivation methods?”

“Look at Lin Ming’s eyes. I feel as if I fell into a deep fog, where a single misstep means I would fall into an illusion.”

In everyone’s minds, Lin Ming was already extremely strange. Ignoring the aspect of cultivation, Lin Ming wasn’t weak in any other area. If he was actually able to display a Buddhist transcendent divine might, how could anyone else still live?

At this time,...

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