Chapter 1313 Minor Samsara Path

Chapter 1313 – Minor Samsara Path

“What is that behind Lin Ming? Is that also the Wheel of Samsara?”

“No, how could Lin Ming possibly know the Wheel of Samsara? Isn’t that a top secret inheritance of Mount Potala?”

All of the heroic young elites were incomparably shocked as they saw the black vortexes behind Lin Ming’s eyes. The power of samsara was constantly gathering within them.

This feeling was actually somewhat similar to Hang Chi!

But, the Wheel of Samsara was a transcendent divine might that belonged to Mount Potala. There was an extremely small number of truly complete jade slips. There weren’t enough for core disciples to study, so how could it possibly be taught to disciples from outside sects?

Moreover, even a supremely benevolent and kind Buddhist sect would not do something as stupid as publicly sharing their transcendent divine mights.

“How could Lin Ming possibly know Buddhist cultivation methods?”

“Look at Lin Ming’s eyes. I feel as if I fell into a deep fog, where a single misstep means I would fall into an illusion.”

In everyone’s minds, Lin Ming was already extremely strange. Ignoring the aspect of cultivation, Lin Ming wasn’t weak in any other area. If he was actually able to display a Buddhist transcendent divine might, how could anyone else still live?

At this time, an old man at the Holy Lord realm shook his head and said, “No… that is not the Wheel of Samsara. The Wheel of Samsara possesses a great aura and momentum as if all living creatures before it have to withstand the Heavenly Dao of Samsara. What Lin Ming is using is far from reaching that level. This should only be the Minor Samsara Path…”

“That’s right, the Wheel of Samsara is a transcendent divine might and an ultimate secret technique of Mount Potala. Only core disciples and Empyrean direct disciples should have the chance to study it. It’s impossible for Lin Ming to have done so. As for the Minor Samsara Path he is using, that is much more common. Many Buddhist sects possess this skill and wanting to learn it isn’t too difficult.”

“This child is truly terrifying. The Minor Samsara Path is a cultivation method that isn’t considered too profound; you could even call it a weak ability. It’s something that was created by a World King powerhouse, and afterwards many people managed to cultivate it to large success and thus there were many jade slip copies that were created. It spread out and many Holy Lord and Divine Lord powerhouses studied it. However, Lin Ming was able to comprehend it to such a degree that it can display a certain charm of the Wheel of Samsara. That is truly incredible!”

“It is indeed incredible. I was nearly confused at the start too.”

Once a person trained in a cultivation method to the highest level, that person would be able to carve the complete cultivation method in a jade slip. Even transcendent divine mights were no exception. However, it was a pity that it was simply far too difficult to cultivate a transcendent divine might to the limit. Even an Empyrean might not be able to do so. After all, the transcendent divine mights created by others might not suit them perfectly.

In this sort of situation, although the Minor Samsara Path wasn’t an extremely popular ability, it was still easy enough for a World King level Buddhist sect to obtain it. Naturally, this sort of cultivation method wasn’t too strong.

Of all those present, the ones most surprised were the disciples of Mount Potala.

In the seating area of Mount Potala, there were all sorts of monks sitting there. Some were wearing plain linen robes, some were in yellow monk garbs, some wore sandals, some were barefoot, but every single one of them possessed an unimaginable degree of strength. Even so, no matter where they went, their clothing would be extremely simple.

“This child Lin Ming, his wisdom is extremely high, and there is also a special strength in his soul. If it weren’t for this strength then he wouldn’t have been able to cultivate the Minor Samsara Path to such a degree.

A white-browed old monk said. His voice was soft and melodic, comforting to the ears.

And near this old man, a tall and thin youth with his hands folded together in prayer said, “This disciple is ashamed. I also studied the Minor Samsara Path during my youth and I even had a zen master guiding me, but even so, I cannot compare to half of Benefactor Lin’s skill. It seems that I gave up far too soon.”

To the disciples of Mount Potala, the Minor Samsara Path was only a basic introductory cultivation method, just like how the Foundation Spear Technique or Foundation Sword Technique were basic introduction cultivation methods for ordinary sects. They only studied them for a brief period of time before moving onto higher level Buddhist cultivation methods.

The tall and thin youth was Yan Chi. He was also an Empyrean direct disciple of Mount Potala. In terms of strength and talent, he was worse than Hang Chi, but slightly better than White King. He was not some weak person.

“Lin Ming’s wisdom is high but his heart is too heavy with attachments and burdens and his killing aura is too strong. He’s not someone that is necessarily suited for the path of Buddhism…”

The old monk shook his head, seeming as if he were really moved to an appreciative sincerity. In truth, he was also well aware that after this First Martial Meeting, it would be far too simple for Lin Ming to join an Empyrean influence. Of course, this excluded Divine Dream Heavenly Palace, because Divine Dream Heavenly Palace never accepted male disciples. As for other Heavenly Palaces, he had nearly free reign in which one he wished to choose.

And in terms of background, Mount Potala was even above Divine Dream Heavenly Palace. They were even the direct opposite of them in one regard – they did not receive female disciples. They would naturally be the best choice.

At this time, on the arena stage, the might of the Samsara martial intent surprised even Lin Ming.

It had been a long time since he had last used the Samsara martial intent. The Samsara martial intent was a cultivation method that focused on soul attacks. As his strength rose, it simply wasn’t able to keep pace with him.

Now that he used it, it seemed as if the Samsara martial intent had made great progress because he had practiced the Divine Dream Law. Of course, if this was compared to final master moves likes Heavenly Dao Judgment or Three Essences as One, it was still far from comparable. The most it could do was increase the number of Lin Ming’s techniques and give him more flexibility.

“Benefactor Lin, this poor monk is truly surprised by your abilities. For you to have trained in the Minor Samsara Path to such a degree, I can only feel ashamed of my own inferiority. If Benefactor Lin were to have joined Mount Potala as a child, you would likely have been a preeminent monk of this era. I fear that your strength would have already far surpassed this poor monk’s.”

Lin Ming faintly smiled. “So this cultivation method was called the Minor Samsara Path? Unfortunately, I don’t have much interest in leaving behind my past and becoming a monk. I can only say that I don’t have the good fortune to listen to the Buddhist scriptures. Words are useless, let’s fight!”

As Lin Ming spoke the final word ‘fight’, his aura suddenly rose. In truth, Lin Ming was also well aware that using the Minor Samsara Path alone to contend with Hang Chi was impossible. His only hope was to use the Minor Samsara Path as a key to open up the secrets of Hang Chi’s Samsara Domain and break through his Eight Sectioned Stupa.

“Then this poor monk will be impolite. To suppress Benefactor Lin through the rank of cultivation methods is not the true martial path, but my martial talent is lacking and if I were to use the Minor Samsara Path to contend with Benefactor Lin, that would surely lead to my loss. Thus, this is all I can do.”

Hang Chi’s words seemed modest, but when he said ‘not the true martial path’, that was subtly hinting that even if Lin Ming used the Minor Samsara Path, making it seem as if there might be some change in this battle, the one to finally win would still be him. If even someone as cautious as Hang Chi were to say this, then this battle definitely wouldn’t change.

The reason that Lin Ming’s Minor Samsara Path was so surprising was because he was able to display a shabby cultivation method to such a high degree – it wasn’t because it was extremely powerful. As for seeing through the Samsara Domain, that was nearly impossible. How could a transcendent divine might level cultivation method be so easily seen through?

“Lin Ming is at too great a disadvantage.”

“Yes, to use an ordinary World King level cultivation method to contend with a transcendent divine might is too difficult. Moreover, in terms of cultivation and foundation, Lin Ming is also inferior to Hang Chi. He cannot win this battle with talent alone.”

“It’s a pity that he is too young. If even Heavenly Dao Judgment has been broken, there isn’t anything else he can use.”

As everyone was speaking, the Eight Sectioned Stupa that covered Hang Chi began to revolve. The gods on each floor of this divine pagoda seemed to come to life!

Rumble rumble rumble!

Even the void seemed to shatter. The Eight Section Stupa came pressing down on Lin Ming.

In that instant, Lin Ming felt as if a powerful suppressive aura had locked him down, making him unable to move.

“Buddhist transcendent divine mights are indeed powerful. But, whether or not this is a hopeless battle, I will still give it everything I have!” Lin Ming stimulated the Samsara martial intent to the limit. At the same time, he opened the Heretical God Force and even burnt his life blood essence!

Burning his blood essence for a second time was already Lin Ming’s limit. Even if he had the Gate of Life to restore himself, he couldn’t burn his blood essence again and again.

Grandmist space!

Lin Ming cried out. From behind him, a blood red Prime Emperor Lotus Flower began to bloom!

Grandmist space, that could be called the king of domains!


By using the power of his burning blood essence, Lin Ming pushed the grandmist space to the limit. Grandmist space burst out, covering a surrounding area of 10 miles and directly colliding with Hang Chi’s Samsara Domain!

To use the grandmist space to resist the Samsara Domain!

Two transcendent divine mights collided, domain against domain!

Peng peng peng!

The heavy grandmist energy crashed into the countless suffering souls within the Samsara Domain! Endless suffering souls exploded, but at the same time, the grandmist space was also being cut off!

This was a horrifyingly violent collision!


Hang Chi was surprised. He originally thought that Lin Ming would use the Minor Samsara Path to contend with the Eight Sectioned Stupa. If he did this, he would most certainly have lost, and comprehending even a tiny portion of the Samsara Domain would have been impossible.

But now, Lin Ming had made other plans. He would first use the grandmist space to weaken the Samsara Domain and then he would use his own Minor Samsara Path to cut into it!

Just what kind of character was Hang Chi? His martial arts knowledge and experience had already reached the pinnacle of juniors. He immediately saw through Lin Ming’s plans!

Ka ka ka ka!

The Samsara Domain was constantly being eroded away by the grandmist space!


No one expected that Lin Ming, whose defeat seemed certain, would be able to use a move that could suppress Hang Chi! The power of the grandmist space had far surpassed everyone’s expectations!

Although the grandmist space wasn’t complete, it was an exclusive domain ability. As for the Wheel of Samsara, that was a very complex and varied transcendent divine might that included the Surpassing of All Life, Eight Sectioned Stupa, Sea of Suffering, and many other such skills. The Samsara Domain was only a single one of these skills, thus it was naturally surpassed!


Lin Ming shouted out loud. He grasped his spear and thrust it forwards. With a loud ripping sound, he broke through the Samsara Domain!

For a time, all sorts of hellish spirits and suffering souls threw themselves at Lin Ming!

In that instant, Lin Ming’s mind nearly fell into illusion. He felt as if he had fallen into an endless sea of bitterness, becoming one of the innumerable resentful souls. In the confusion, he seemed to experience samsara, nearly losing himself.

“Wake up!”

Lin Ming fiercely bit down on his tongue. He revolved the Samsara martial intent, black vortexes appearing behind his eyes as he twisted apart all of these resentful souls!

His divine sense was restored to absolute clarity!

“This is the Samsara Domain!”

Lin Ming’s eyes widened, seeming to swallow all light. He wanted to see through this Samsara Domain.

But at this moment, Hang Chi’s voice resounded in Lin Ming’s ears. “Benefactor Lin is truly outstanding. Your combat methods are filled with courage and vigor, but unfortunately, this poor monk will not allow you to succeed…”

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