Chapter 1312 Samsara To Samsara

Chapter 1312 – Samsara To Samsara

“That’s the Wheel of Samsara! Even Xiao Moxian lost to that move!”

The entire audience had an extremely profound impression of the Wheel of Samsara phantom that appeared behind Hang Chi. The Wheel of Samsara was too strong. Even Xiao Moxian with her phoenix true form wasn’t able to break past it.

“I wonder how Lin Ming will block this!”

Rumble rumble rumble!

The golden Wheel of Samsara came pressing down. Hang Chi stood within the center of the Wheel of Samsara, his monk robes still and plain, just like a godly Buddha.

Before the Wheel of Samsara arrived, Lin Ming could already feel the terrifying pressure contained within it. Although this was clearly a gold and holy Buddhist cultivation method, the truth was that this Wheel of Samsara contained a sharp, icy energy, making it seem as if needles were digging into Lin Ming’s body, making him feel an incomparable pain.

This cold energy was the power of samsara contained within the Wheel of Samsara.

Although Buddhist cultivation methods were filled with a gentle brilliance, often focusing on mercy and compassion, they also didn’t lack the path of slaughter, the grip of grudges, spells of resentment, blood pond hells, asura battlefields, and all other sorts of evil methods.

Where there was light, there was shadow. Where there was good, there was evil. Good and evil were dependent on each other; they were indivisible concepts.

Without evil, without murder, without suffering, without illness, aging, and death, without asura hells, if all of society lived in perpetual bliss and blind happiness, how could there be the Buddhist path?

If so, no one would believe in Buddhism in this world. The sins of humanity were an essential part of Buddhism.

In the six paths of samsara within the precepts of Buddhism, only the paths of divinity and humanity were the pure moral ways. The path of asura was neither good nor evil, and as for the last three paths, each was worse than the last!

Facing the Wheel of Samsara, it was impossible for Lin Ming to hold back, otherwise he would suffer instant defeat here.

He didn’t doubt that Hang Chi’s techniques were far more formidable than Xiao Moxian’s.

Lin Ming released the Heretical God Force to the limit, combusting the blood of the Ancient Phoenix, as well as fusing the three energies within him!

Three Essences as One, Heavenly Dao Judgment!

The phantom of the Heretical God Tree crazily grew from behind Lin Ming. With Heavenly Dao Judgment, he resisted the Wheel of Samsara!

In that instant, dark clouds billowed in the skies. A terrifying power began to gather together, forming a sword of thunderfire heavenly tribulation that thrust straight towards the Wheel of Samsara!


The sword of heavenly tribulation crashed into the Wheel of Samsara. A terrifying wave of energy rushed outwards. Lin Ming’s sword of heavenly tribulation broke apart again and again, but the Wheel of Samsara continued its push downwards!

Rumble rumble rumble!

The massive Wheel of Samsara was like a horrifyingly large grinding pan, grinding apart all, continuing to fall!

Hang Chi stood on the Wheel of Samsara, a brilliant divine light shining forth from his body. It was as if all rules in this world were crushed beneath his feet!

The Wheel of Samsara continued to sink. No one doubted that once this Wheel of Samsara pressed down, even a 100,000 foot mountain would be pulverized to power!

Lin Ming’s expression was solemn. His entire body emitted explosive popping sounds as the power of the dragon bone was released from his body!

Terrifying waves of strength rippled through Lin Ming’s body. He opened all seven gates, his mortal bodily strength instantly achieving a level of 100 million jins!


Lin Ming’s muscles bulged outwards. Blue veins bulged and several blood vessels exploded. He poured all of his strength into the Phoenix Blood Spear as the broken sword of heavenly retribution appeared once more!

Ka ka ka!

A mind-shaking sound spread through the world. The sword of heavenly retribution cut down once more on the Wheel of Samsara. Then, the Wheel of Samsara suddenly trembled as a golden crack appeared in its center!

As the crack appeared, the Wheel of Samsara’s radiance dimmed down and it stopped falling!

And the sword of heavenly retribution that Lin Ming formed by combining the power of thunder tribulation and fire tribulation cracked and reformed again and again. Lin Ming continued to revolve his energy to the limit. This dreadful consumption of energy had already surpassed the limits of an ordinary martial artist. If they were to try this their inner world would have already collapsed.

But Lin Ming relied on his solid foundation to forcefully withstand this burden.

Although he had just barely managed to do so, he had truly withstood the impact of the Wheel of Samsara!

More and more golden cracks appeared on the Wheel of Samsara, as if it would disintegrate soon!

“He blocked it! Lin Ming has blocked Hang Chi’s frontal attack!”

Hang Chi gave off an unfathomable feeling to all present, as if there was no one that could rival him. Most people believed that the difference in strength between Hang Chi and Lin Ming was far too large. If Hang Chi didn’t hold back then Lin Ming would have quickly lost.

But now, Hang Chi had attacked Lin Ming with his transcendent divine might, the Wheel of Samsara, yet that attack had been blocked by Lin Ming. This left everyone watching dumbfounded.

With Lin Ming’s age, he should already have been proud of the fact that he was able to stand on the same stage as Hang Chi. As for warding off this strike, that was truly an unmatched honor!


Hang Chi revealed a startled color on his face, surprised that Lin Ming was able to crush his Wheel of Samsara. This attack was one that was almost at his full strength.

As Hang Chi saw more and more cracks appear on the Wheel of Samsara, his expression became much more solemn. He said, “Benefactor Lin’s talent is truly amazing. Perhaps in three more years, this poor monk might not be able to suppress you anymore. But now, although Benefactor Lin’s Heavenly Dao Judgment is high in the Laws, it still lacks a bit of accumulation and foundation. It seems that Benefactor Lin hasn’t comprehended this move long enough ago…”

Not only was Hang Chi astonishingly powerful, but he immersed himself all year round in martial arts, and thus his eyesight was spectacularly sharp. He was able to quickly understand the weaknesses in his opponent’s moves.

Lin Ming’s Heavenly Dao Judgment was comprehended just before the First Martial Meeting began. Up until now, he had only used it a few times, and he truly was lacking in practice. These flaws were all laid bare by Hang Chi.

As Hang Chi spoke, there was a rumbling sound and the Wheel of Samsara beneath his feet was broken apart by Lin Ming!

Heavenly Dao Judgment cut straight towards Hang Chi!

Facing Lin Ming’s attack, Hang Chi began to speak Buddhist sutras, his body glowing with a golden radiance.

“Samsara Domain, Eight Sectioned Stupa!”

Hang Chi spoke these words in a soft voice. Then, the shattered pieces of the Wheel of Samsara dissolved into the power of samsara where it was wildly absorbed by him, circling around his body and forming the Samsara Domain.

Then, with a loud bang, a titanic golden pagoda fell over Hang Chi. This divine pagoda glowed with a circulating golden divine light, filling the air with the breath of the Great Dao. This divine pagoda had eight floors, each floor possessing its own god.

Of these gods, some were gentle and solemn, some were fierce and overflowing with killing intent, some were as calm as a Buddha, and some were like an asura.

A stupa. In other words, a Buddhist pagoda!

Hang Chi summoned the Eight Sectioned Stupa, with eight gods stabilizing it. For a time, the entire space for a thousand feet around Hang Chi was suppressed by this pagoda, forming a sacred realm which could not be shaken!


Lin Ming’s Heavenly Dao Judgment crashed into this Eight Sectioned Stupa; the power of thunder and fire erupted!

The divine pagoda violently shook and its light dimmed down, but within this divine pagoda, Hang Chi wasn’t injured at all. Or, it would be easier to say that he hadn’t felt any impact at all.

As the audience saw this, they immediately sucked in a breath of cold air.

Hang Chi’s defense was too terrifying!

Whether it was the Wheel of Samsara or the Eight Sectioned Stupa, they gave off an unshakable feeling.

Moreover, what was most dreadful was that according to Xiao Moxian’s words, Hang Chi still possessed an incorruptible diamond Vajra body. Even that arrogant Xiao Moxian didn’t believe that she could break through Hang Chi’s formidable defense!

“Lin Ming’s attack was very strong, but Hang Chi is ridiculous. Just the moves and defensive abilities he has displayed so far are mind-boggling, much less the fact that he has more secret arcane abilities to defend himself. I have no idea just how strong his body is!”

“That’s right, even after breaking through Hang Chi’s defensive technique with so much effort, they would still find that they cannot injure a single hair of his main body at all. How despairing is that!”

“He really is invincible. Just by virtue of his terrifying defense, Hang Chi is already in an invincible position! Lin Ming will lose… Heavenly Dao Judgment is his strongest attack. If that doesn’t work then there is nothing more he can do.”

As the audience spoke, in the skies, the light of Heavenly Dao Judgment detonated, turning the entire world into a sea of purple and red.

Lin Ming looked at Hang Chi, his complexion dignified. Up until now, Hang Chi was the most horrifying opponent he had ever faced. Perhaps he might not possess Xiao Moxian’s compatibility with the Laws or her God Beast body’s ability to withstand attacks, but just by relying on his deep foundation and all those various techniques at his disposal, he was nearly undefeatable at his step.

“Benefactor Lin, let me give you a warning. This poor monk’s Eight Sectioned Stupa is supported with the strength of eight gods from the Buddhist principles. It is a harmonic balance of Laws that is an offensive and defensive ability. Unless your strength far surpasses my own, it is impossible for you to break through my Eight Sectioned Stupa from the outside. When I am placed within the Eight Sectioned Stupa, it is impossible for ordinary attacks to reach me. However, my Eight Sectioned Stupa uses the power of the Wheel of Samsara as the foundation. In the end, it can be called a derivative technique of my transcendent divine might, the Wheel of Samsara. If you can see through this poor monk’s Samsara Domain then you will be able to break through this move from its very foundations.”

During this fierce battle, Hang Chi actually told his opponent how to break through his abilities. The way in which the disciples of Mount Potala competed in martial arts contests was truly unique.

As the audience heard this, they were all left speechless. “Hang Chi is really crazy. He’s actually telling his opponent the weaknesses in his own technique and waiting for him to try and break through it.”

“Don’t be an idiot. How can that possibly be called a weakness? See through his Samsara Domain? That’s just a joke and a half!”

Out of all the contestants, only Dragon Fang and his Three Lives Pupils had the chance of seeing through Hang Chi’s Samsara Domain. As for the others, it was no longer a question of how great their perception was; it simply wasn’t something a human could accomplish.

“Samsara Domain…”

Within Lin Ming’s mind, he recalled the 72 Sorcerer Pagodas that the Sorcerer of the Southern Wilderness left behind. In the Sorcerer Pagoda, Lin Ming had experienced 100 samsaras and had gained a profound understanding of the Samsara martial intent.

Now that Lin Ming faced Hang Chi’s Samsara Domain, he wondered. With his understandings of the Samsara martial intent, could he possibly see a hint of the mysteries within the Samsara Domain?

If he had to say, the hopes of this were very slim.

Even though Lin Ming’s perception was extremely high, the Sorcerer of the Southern Wildness had likely never come into contact with the core inheritances of the Wheel of Samsara. In all likelihood he had been an outer disciple of Mount Potala. How could an outer disciple’s cultivation methods possibly compare to those of an Empyrean direct disciple?

Although he knew it was impossible, Lin Ming still intended to give it a try. Even if he didn’t plan on succeeding and this attempt failed, it would still temper and further develop his Samsara martial intent. This type of powerful cultivation method certainly couldn’t be abandoned, but had to be developed whenever he had the chance.

Lin Ming held the Phoenix Blood Spear downwards. He took a deep breath. Then, his aura changed.

From behind him, the power of samsara constantly gathered. His two pupils turned into whirling black vortexes.

Lin Ming had displayed the Samsara martial intent. As the audience saw this, they were all taken aback with shock!

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