Chapter 1312 – Samsara To Samsara

Chapter 1312 – Samsara To Samsara

“That’s the Wheel of Samsara! Even Xiao Moxian lost to that move!”

The entire audience had an extremely profound impression of the Wheel of Samsara phantom that appeared behind Hang Chi. The Wheel of Samsara was too strong. Even Xiao Moxian with her phoenix true form wasn’t able to break past it.

“I wonder how Lin Ming will block this!”

Rumble rumble rumble!

The golden Wheel of Samsara came pressing down. Hang Chi stood within the center of the Wheel of Samsara, his monk robes still and plain, just like a godly Buddha.

Before the Wheel of Samsara arrived, Lin Ming could already feel the terrifying pressure contained within it. Although this was clearly a gold and holy Buddhist cultivation method, the truth was that this Wheel of Samsara contained a sharp, icy energy, making it seem as if needles were digging into Lin Ming’s body, making him feel an incomparable pain.

This cold energy was the power of samsara contained within the Wheel of Samsara.

Although Buddhist cultivation methods were filled with a gentle brilliance, often focusing on mercy and compassion, they also didn’t lack the path of slaughter, the grip of grudges, spells of resentment, blood pond hells, asura battlefields, and all other sorts of evil methods.

Where there was light, there was shadow....

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