Chapter 1311 – Against Hang Chi

Chapter 1311 – Against Hang Chi

The six paths of samsara were an idea of the Buddhist belief. It was reasonable that Lin Ming’s Samsara martial intent originated from the Buddhist belief. When Lin Ming first stepped onto the road of martial arts, the Samsara martial intent had played an extremely important role. However, afterwards, Lin Ming had used it less and less. This was because the Samsara martial intent was unable to follow his rapid rise in strength.

After all, the Sorcerer of the Southern Wilderness was only an ordinary powerhouse of the Divine Realm. The martial arts inheritances they left behind were naturally eliminated.

And now, from Hang Chi, Lin Ming could see an even deeper level of the Samsara martial intent. In fact, it might even be a small portion of this transcendent divine might, the Wheel of Samsara!

If this were true then there was a tremendous amount of space for the Samsara martial intent to improve. Domain type skills were already extremely rare, and the Samsara martial intent was also related in many ways to the soul forging system. If Lin Ming could combine the two together, his soul forging system cultivation could reach a new level.

As Lin Ming was thinking this, on the arena stage, Xiao Moxian and Hang...

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