Chapter 1310 – The Wheel of Samsara

Chapter 1310 – The Wheel of Samsara

“This Jun Bluemoon isn’t simple at all!”

Mo Eversnow commented from within Lin Ming’s inner world. “There is a terrifying slumbering soul within that sword of his. It might be an artifact spirit, and it also might be the remnant soul of an Empyrean. It likely isn’t that of an ordinary Empyrean.”

“Mm… I guessed about the same. If that remnant soul were to personally attack me then killing me would only take an instant.”

Lin Ming didn’t doubt the strength of that remnant soul. No matter how tattered it was, it was still horrifically strong.

That remnant soul had already merged together as one with the Yin Yang Soul Sword, subsuming the sword as its body. With it, that remnant soul could display a terrifying strength. If Jun Bluemoon dared to take out this divine sword in front of so many people, he naturally had something he could rely on.

Empyrean Divine Dream and Empyrean Vast Universe wouldn’t covet Jun Bluemoon’s sword. And in the future, even if Jun Bluemoon went out adventuring alone, there might not be any World King powerhouses that would secretly move against him. After all, that sword had an artifact spirit made from the remnant soul of an Empyrean level powerhouse. With that protecting him, no one could hope...

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