Chapter 1309 – Another Victory

Chapter 1309 – Another Victory

“It’s that move again, Heavenly Dao Judgment!”

Some people shouted out from the audience.

“Lin Ming has already used this move three times. Even if Xiao Moxian were to face it, she would still be heavily injured!”

Heavenly Dao Judgment was Lin Ming’s self-created transcendent divine might. Although he had used it many times, there still hadn’t been anyone who had truly broken it.

Rumble rumble rumble!

The might of thunder tribulation and fire tribulation recklessly crashed down. Jun Bluemoon’s expression was earnest. Both of his hands began to draw a primal chaos diagram. For a time, all that existed in the world was black and white, with no other colors.

Beneath Jun Bluemoon’s feet, a massive yin yang diagram several miles wide appeared. Within this yin yang diagram, the rust-stained sword began to emit a soft light. Although this light was weak, it still pierced straight into the hearts of those watching, giving off an unspeakable feeling.

“Yin Yang Soul Sword, Three Realms to Void!”

Jun Bluemoon thrust out his sword. In that instant, his sword seemed to come to life. Each and every rust stain on that sword began to emit dazzling Law runes.

According to Empyrean Divine Dream’s speculations, these rust stains...

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