Chapter 1307B

Chapter 1307B – Divine Dream Space

On the arena stage, Frost Dream wore a simple and elegant dress that fluttered about her. She floated half a foot off the ground, her toes dangling downwards as her entire body was covered in a thick fog, making it impossible to discern her appearance.

500 feet in front of her was the black-clothed Dragon Fang. His hands were still wrapped in white bandages and his eyes were solemn. He had already had a premonition about how strong Frost Dream was. The degree of intensity that this Divine Realm First Martial Meeting had followed so far had gone beyond his master’s expectations.

“Fairy Frost Dream, I can finally see just what strengths you possess.”

Lin Ming looked at Frost Dream, who was on the arena stage. Before now, Frost Dream was easily guaranteed to enter the finals. Even so, she had yet to encounter anyone that could oppose her.

This was not because the referees of the First Martial Meeting favored Frost Dream, but because Frost Dream was too strong. Any seeded player who had bumped into her so far had suffered a loss without being able to display any moves at all. None of them had been able to force out a single card from her hand. If they tried, not only would they fail but they would also wear down their mentality and waste their...

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