Chapter 1307 White Hot

Chapter 1307 – White Hot

“This boy Lin Ming…”

Deep within Vast Universe Heavenly Palace, Empyrean Vast Universe gazed at Lin Ming for a long time. Lin Ming had created a miracle by climbing up the 33 steps of the Divine Seal Altar, and through this he knew that Lin Ming must have experienced some sort of special lucky chance that allowed him to come into contact with the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens ahead of time.

Moreover, although the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens was related to Empyrean Divine Seal and its might was unimaginable, it was still an ancient Concept, one that belonged to a different era. Beyond that, the inheritances of the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens had already been cut off. It was unknown whether or not Lin Ming would be able to display its power in the future.

On just this point alone, it was impossible to place Lin Ming on par with Xiao Moxian, Frost Dream, and others of their level.

But just now in his moves, Lin Ming had actually reformed the phantoms of the dao tablets from the Divine Seal Altar’s 33rd step, ultimately overcoming all obstacles to defeat Xiao Moxian. How could Empyrean Vast Universe not be startled by this.

At the same boundary, he was able to suppress someone with the body of a God Beast; that was far too shocking!

“I really have no idea just what achievements Lin Ming will have in the future!” Empyrean Vast Universe muttered to himself.

And at this time, from beside him, Empyrean Divine Dream dimly said, “3.6 billion years, a single samsara. 3.6 billion years ago, a peerless powerhouse appeared within the Divine Realm who managed to surpass the boundaries of an Empyrean. And perhaps now, that cycle will continue once more…”

“What?” Empyrean Vast Universe turned his head and looked at Empyrean Divine Dream with incredulity sketched on his face. “Are you saying that Lin Ming has the possibility of surpassing the realm of an Empyrean!?”

To Empyrean Vast Universe, an Empyrean was an existence near the peak of martial arts. Although he also knew that the legends said there existed a boundary above an Empyrean, legends were only legends. When Xiao Moxian declared she would surpass an Empyrean in the future, Vast Universe hadn’t taken her seriously.

To surpass an Empyrean… wasn’t that easier said than done!?

And now, Empyrean Divine Dream actually spoke these words, causing him to pause. He knew that with Divine Dream’s character, she would never speak nonsense or needless words. Moreover, she was an incomparably mysterious character with a foresight far higher than all others’. Her cultivation had also reached a realm that he was unable to comprehend.

In fact, even if Empyrean Vast Universe learnt that Empyrean Divine Dream had seen the road that lay beyond an Empyrean, he would not be amazed, just a bit shocked.

Empyrean Divine Dream said, “For someone to surpass an Empyrean, that is not only a question of destiny or talent. There also needs to be an era created just for them. Now, this fated era approaches, and there indeed may be extreme characters that are born who possess the possibility of doing so, but whether or not that person who surpasses an Empyrean will be Lin Ming is still unknown. It can only be said that he has a minor chance to do so.

“There is Xiao Moxian and Frost Dream…

“Xiao Moxian also has a small chance. As for Frost Dream, she has her own road, a road that is lonely and separate from all else. Besides me and her, no one can speculate or interfere with her future.”

“Mm?” Empyrean Vast Universe froze for a moment. Was there something special about Frost Dream’s background or life experiences?

He wanted to ask, but he could tell that Divine Dream wasn’t about to speak any further on this topic. He could only suppress the questions in his heart.

At this time, in the massive tournament arena, the hundreds of millions of spectators were all cheering and busily discussing as before. Waves upon waves of excited shouts echoed through the air, not calming down for an extremely long time!

Even though many people had lost a great deal of violet sun crystals because of Lin Ming, most of them were still filled with praise towards him. In truth, for the heroic young elites that were able to attend these finals, a few hundred million in wealth was a number they could easily afford.

Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian’s battle was far too shocking. What happened had far exceeded their understandings and imaginations!

Moreover, to those martial artists that were able to watch the battle, this was a lucky chance!

Let alone normal juniors or young elites of sects, even Holy Lord powerhouses or half-step World King masters were able to obtain some inspirations!

This was not an exaggeration. Holy Lord powerhouses and ordinary World Kings possessed a cultivation and strength that far exceeded Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian. But in terms of the heights of Laws, they only studied common Laws that were subordinate the rule of the Heavenly Dao.

As for Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian, Lin Ming had a self-created elementary transcendent divine might and had also comprehended the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens. He was able to manifest the Heretical God Tree and release dual thunder and fire tribulations. Lin Ming’s moves possessed the charm of the Heavenly Dao! It wasn’t too excessive to call Lin Ming a weaker and younger version of an Empyrean.

As for Xiao Moxian, there was even less to say. Once a God Beast grew up, that would be the same level existence as an Empyrean. Xiao Moxian’s phoenix true flames also possessed the charm of an Empyrean.

The two both cultivated the Fire Laws, but the Fire Laws they used were able to reach heights that ordinary Space Laws and Time Laws couldn’t match.

For the heroic young elites spectating their battle, this level of Laws was nearly impossible for them to understand. One needed to be a Divine Lord, Holy Lord, or half-step World King to see the power within their moves and obtain comprehensions from them.

In a battle between two middle Divine Sea martial artists, even a Holy Lord had to study their moves. Just how amazing was that!

For Lin Ming to win this battle was truly mind-boggling. He had stepped into the highest ranks of all junior geniuses. He had surpassed Dragon Fang and was able to compete with the likes of Frost Dream.

The match had already ended, but Xiao Moxian still stood on the arena stage, grasping the Dragon Tendon Whip. She didn’t seem to be leaving just yet.

“Lin Ming, I admit that I lost this fight, but I won’t give up here nor am I convinced. Half a year from now, I wish to fight with you again!”

Xiao Moxian bit down with her little jade-like tiger canines, clenching her fists tightly. She was someone who was proud at heart. This was the first time she had ever lost to someone at her own boundary!

Of course she couldn’t accept this!

“Half a year…”

Lin Ming’s eyebrows flew up. Half a year, that was enough time for Xiao Moxian’s strength to grow to an even greater degree. And, most importantly, it was said that Xiao Moxian’s natural temperament was that of a playful girl who loved to mess around all the time. She possessed a childlike innocence, completely disparate from someone like Hang Chi who trained diligently. If she was frustrated because of this loss and decided to try her best to catch up, then half a year from now, it would be difficult to estimate just how strong she would grow.

And, if her phoenix divine body were to experience its first nirvana, then that would be even more unimaginable.

Even Lin Ming could feel the pressure!

Xiao Moxian’s declaration was even far more compelling than Dragon Fang’s.

“I will wait for you.”

Lin Ming slowly and clearly said. His current talent was indeed lacking. The reason he defeated Xiao Moxian now was due to his superiority in age; this was not the victory Lin Ming wished for. If he couldn’t suppress Xiao Moxian at the same age, then how could he possibly reach the peak of all martial arts?

Only if their ages were closer together and they were also at the same boundary would Lin Ming truly have won after defeating Xiao Moxian.

This fantastical match had come to a conclusion. Vast Universe Heavenly Palace had also earned a great profit – most people had bet on Xiao Moxian to win.

At this time, Vast Cosmos stepped onto the arena stage, loudly announcing, “To all those here, after the referees have discussed this matter, in order to save time and increase the excitement of the tournament, the 10 individuals in the finals will be further split into two groups. The first group will have six people and the second group will have four people. Those from the first and second groups will no longer battle each other.”

“The first six placings in the tournament will be decided through continued round robin matches between the six people in the first group. Seventh through tenth place will be decided by the four people in the second group. At the end, the highest ranked individual of the second group may challenge the lowest ranked individual of the first group. The winner will either stay or move to the first group and will take sixth place!”

As Vast Cosmos spoke, the audience paused for a moment. Dividing into groups?

“The first group of six people are the default choices for the final top six rankings of the tournament. I wonder just who they are?”

“There’s no need to ask. It’s clear that the finalists have already diverged into two groups themselves. The strong are ridiculously strong and the weak have too great a gap separating them. Although the first place of the second group has the qualifications to challenge the last place of the first group, the chances are that they will lose. It’s simply a formality, there’s no need to think about it!”

“Well… fighting like this is better. We can get straight to the interesting matches and won’t have to face situations where the outcome is already evident at the start. But as it stands, this means the tournament has entered the white hot heated stage. Every battle will be a strong collision!”

Vast Cosmos’s decision gained the approval and satisfaction of many in the audience. Like this, the tournament would be much more compact and wouldn’t be needlessly dragged out.

“Now I will announce the names of the six individuals in the first group. The six people in the first group are – Frost Dream! Hang Chi! Xiao Moxian! Lin Ming! Jun Bluemoon! Dragon Fang!"

“Then, for the names of the four individuals in the second group. The four people in the second group are – Lord Monster, White King, Shiku, and Hua Xuan.”

These two lists were well within everyone’s expectations. Even though the Monster Prince was incomparably arrogant, he still couldn’t oppose these choices. He could only clench his fists and grind his teeth together. To him, this First Martial Meeting was the greatest of all shames!

He couldn’t even enter the first group; he had to fight in the second.

Even if he obtained total victory in the second group he would still be disgraced! After he returned to the monster race, all of his brothers would laugh at him and mock him. Although he had loudly bragged that he would become the Monster Emperor in the future, the truth was that he faced stiff competition from countless strong competitors. His brothers and sisters were all powerful individuals who stood against him. Whether or not he would actually succeed in becoming the Monster Emperor was unknown.

“Xiao Moxian, Lin Ming, you best remember me!”

The Monster Prince shifted all of his hatred onto Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian. It was these two that had miserably beaten him up, shaming him. In particular, Xiao Moxian. She was the one who had absorbed his life’s true essence, leaving him without any face left and even greatly damaging his cultivation.


After the groups were announced, there was a six hour break time for contestants to restore their strength.

This was also for Xiao Moxian and Lin Ming to recover. The two of them had consumed the greatest amount of energy.

Six hours later, Vast Cosmos announced the next matches.

Everyone in the audience was bubbling with excitement to hear this!

Of those in the first group, there was not a weak person amongst them. No matter who fought who, it would truly be a battle between two similar opponents, filled with wondrous expectations!

“Honored audience! Now, the matches for the new groupings will soon begin. The first round of matches will be – Frost Dream against Dragon Fang! Lin Ming against Jun Bluemoon! Hang Chi against Xiao Moxian!

“Vast Universe Heavenly Palace has opened a special gambling bet for the match between Hang Chi and Xiao Moxian. Hang Chi’s victory has a compensation rate of 1.6, and Xiao Moxian’s victory has a compensation rate of 2.1.”

In every round of matches, Vast Universe Heavenly Palace would open up a separate gambling bet aimed at the most tense and suspenseful match which would also receive the most attention.

Hang Chi was an extremely low profile and mysterious character. But in his fight with Xiao Moxian, he was sure to reveal his full strength. Everyone would finally be able to see his true abilities. As for Lin Ming against Jun Bluemoon, that would also be a fantastic showdown. Although Lin Ming’s chances were slightly higher, Jun Bluemoon had remained incomparably mysterious this entire time. There was a possibility that there would be an expected winner.

“My match is Jun Bluemoon.”

Lin Ming looked at Jun Bluemoon sitting not too far away in the contestant seating area. He wore all white clothes and held the rust-stained sword in his hands, his hair as white as snow.

Towards an unknown and mysterious opponent, Lin Ming would never underestimate them.

And at this time, Frost Dream and Dragon Fang stepped into the arena. Without a doubt, Frost Dream was powerful. But Dragon Fang wasn’t weak either. Many people were looking forwards to this match, waiting to see just what abilities Frost Dream would display.

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