Chapter 1304 – Forcing Back Xiao Moxian

Chapter 1304 – Forcing Back Xiao Moxian

“Lin Ming has manifested that divine tree phantom again!”

Someone in the audience shouted as they saw that Heretical God Tree phantom. Before, in the battle against the Monster Prince, this Heretical God Tree phantom had broken apart his Space Laws. To crush the Space Laws with the Fire Laws, that was something that left a deep impression on everyone present. Although they didn’t know just what this divine tree phantom was, they knew that as long as this divine tree phantom appeared, Lin Ming’s combat strength would multiply!

Xiao Moxian looked at that Heretical God Tree phantom that was emitting a blazing light. She could immediately see that this divine tree phantom was something formed from the Fire Laws.


Xiao Moxian laughed out loud, her voice like beautiful silver bells. “Lin Ming! You are strong, but to think you would actually use such a move. Do you plan on dealing with me using the Fire Laws?”

As the child of a Dark Phoenix, she was the ancestor of Fire Laws. If someone tried to fight her using the Fire Laws, how could she not laugh at that?

“Within the entire Divine Realm, the phoenix is known as the spirit of fire and stands upon the pinnacle of all Fire Laws! I am an incarnation of the Dark Phoenix, the queen of...

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