Chapter 1303 – Clash of Dragon and Phoenix

Chapter 1303 – Clash of Dragon and Phoenix

On the arena stage, the auras of the two people were extremely powerful. On one side was Lin Ming, his aura swift and fierce, piercing through all. On the other side was Xiao Moxian, her aura like a blazing inferno, scorching down the skies.

At this time, Xiao Moxian suddenly attacked. She slashed her whip, and with a howling sound, the space around her seemed to be cut down. Even if a mountain were placed in front of her, that mountain would be shattered by her whip!

A soft whip was an extremely difficult weapon to create and also an extremely difficult type of weapon to train in. However, once one mastered it, its trajectory was easily changeable and very difficult to defend against!

Lin Ming swept out his spear. A swift and powerful spear light met this whip, and with a crackling explosion, the whip light and spear light struck each other, producing a sound like rolling thunder.

Within Xiao Moxian’s pupils, black flames suddenly shimmered. Her entire body was enveloped...

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