Chapter 1302 – Lin Ming VS Xiao Moxian

Chapter 1302 – Lin Ming VS Xiao Moxian

“Hang Chi, victory!”

Vast Cosmos loudly announced. Even so, the audience still hadn’t recovered from their shock.

Hang Chi hadn’t used any Laws from the start to the end. He hadn’t even used any true essence. It was hard to imagine how he had defeated Shiku.

“This Hang Chi, did he rely on just his movements to win?”

Lin Ming felt this was unbelievable. Hang Chi’s actions attacked the weakest point of Shiku’s martial skill. He had used a simple attack to overcome him, not wasting a single ounce of strength or even using his Laws. It was simply incredible.

And Hang Chi had done all of this easily. The reason he had been able to easily expose his opponent’s flaws and counter was all because of his movement skill – Leopard Climbing the Wall.

In the legends, the agile leopards could fall down from an extremely high pagoda and not die. Hang Chi’s movement technique was known as Leopard Climbing the Wall. Although this sounded very low-class, the truth was that it was simple and straightforward. It was a movement technique that utilized the simplest and most direct movements to the greatest effect. An unrivalled movement technique in truth did not need some magnificent name to prove itself....

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