Chapter 1300 – Heaven Swallowing Demon Art

Chapter 1300 – Heaven Swallowing Demon Art

Dragon Fang put away his sword. He deeply looked at Lin Ming, saying, “I have convincingly lost this battle, but next time I shall be the victor!”

Lin Ming replied, “I’ve heard those words far too many times before, but up until now, no one has ever managed to fulfill them.”

As Lin Ming spoke, the entire audience was secretly dumbfounded.

These words were a bit too arrogant…

“Dragon Fang is crazy, but Lin Ming is even crazier!”

“You’re wrong. It isn’t that they are arrogant, but only a truthful reflection of their history. When we listen to it, it seems exaggerated thus we think they are arrogant, but in truth the two of them have similar personalities. They are both characters that will patiently wait, but when they attack, what they do will often be fatal!”

Dragon Fang didn’t answer again. He only turned around and left the stage.

Lin Ming looked at his back as he departed. He was well aware that Dragon Fang’s potential far surpassed that of any genius he had ever defeated before.

Dragon Fang had just opened the Three Lives Pupils and his strength was just at the beginning of the period where it would rapidly rise. He hadn’t had time to fully realize his potential yet. In the future, he would inevitably become an extreme character of the Divine Realm.

Of course,...

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