Chapter 130 - One Tael of Star Obsidian

Chapter 130 One Tael of Star Obsidian.


Chapter 130 – One Tael of Star Obsidian

Inscription Association –

When Murong Zi saw Wang Yuhan in the distance speaking to guests in the Inscription Master Hall, she immediately ran up with joy.

“Yuhan! Long time no see, did you miss me?” Murong Zi called out from afar.

“Hey, you! It’s really been a long time since we saw each other.”

Wang Yuhan, Murong Zi, and Bai Jingyun were three girls of similar age, status, and outstanding natural talent. In Sky Fortune City, besides Qin Xingxuan, the most talked about girls were these three proud ladies.

These three girls had known each other since childhood and were close friends. However, Bai Jingyun and Murong Zi later left to attend the Seven Profound Martial House. Since Wang Yuhan favored inscription technique, and was not interested in fighting, she gave up on her opportunity to enter the Seven Profound Martial House.

Bai Jingyun asked, “Yuhan, how come you aren’t studying with your grandfather today? Why are you in the hall greeting guests? Oh, that’s right, isn’t there a very fierce guest inscription master who’s come recently? Is he here today?”

Wang Yuhan slightly hesitated and immediately understood that there were many people who didn’t...

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