Chapter 1299 – Heavenly Dao Judgment

Chapter 1299 – Heavenly Dao Judgment

This was Dragon Fang’s final strike and also his strongest strike.

The joint attack of eight Dragon Fangs was already so terrifying, and now he had divided into 16 spatial mirror images and had also opened the Three Lives Pupils state of All Existence to Void. The might of this attack could be imagined!

On the other hand, even Lin Ming’s fifth level Concept of Fire that was supported by the Heretical God Tree – Virtual Disintegration – was broken through by Dragon Fang. Any and all Laws would be seen through by Dragon Fang. As long as one attacked Dragon Fang with the Laws then they would be restrained!

The impression that others had of the Thunder and Fire Laws was always weaker than the Space and Time Laws. Moreover, Dragon Fang had also opened the Three Lives Pupils. As a complete transcendent divine might, and even a peak existence amongst all transcendent divine mights, its power could be imagined.

“This is my last attack. Prepare yourself.”

Dragon Fang cautioned Lin Ming once more. This was how confident he was in himself!

Facing Dragon Fang’s last strike, Lin Ming’s face was cold and determined. If he couldn’t use the Laws then there was no way he could battle Dragon Fang.

With things having come to this step, he only had one final move remaining to him. This...

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