Chapter 1298 – The Greatest Battle

Chapter 1298 – The Greatest Battle

Dragon Fang’s attack path was extremely strange. He didn’t attack Lin Ming nor did he attack Lin Ming’s sword light; what he attacked was the void!

As his sword thrust out, a sharp light flashed in Dragon Fang’s pupils!

In that instant, every circulating flow of energy within the grandmist space was reflected in Dragon Fang’s Three Lives Pupils.

Power of space!

The power of space attached to the Dragon Fang Blade suddenly erupted. With a loud cracking sound, several strands of elementary grandmist energy were cut apart by Dragon Fang. In that instant, the pressure on Dragon Fang rapidly fell. With a quick movement of his feet, his figure flashed at unimaginable speeds!


Dragon Fang broke through the grandmist space and flew away. At the same time, Lin Ming’s spear struck empty space as it crashed into the ground.

The surface stone of the arena stage was shorn off; crushed rubble flew into the skies!

“Mm? He broke through my grandmist space!”

Lin Ming looked at Dragon Fang with surprise in his eyes. In truth, Lin Ming’s grandmist space was not unbreakable. The closer the grandmist space was to Lin Ming, the more intense it was. The further away the grandmist space was, the weaker it was. It wasn’t strange that Dragon...

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