Chapter 1298 The Greatest Battle

Chapter 1298 – The Greatest Battle

Dragon Fang’s attack path was extremely strange. He didn’t attack Lin Ming nor did he attack Lin Ming’s sword light; what he attacked was the void!

As his sword thrust out, a sharp light flashed in Dragon Fang’s pupils!

In that instant, every circulating flow of energy within the grandmist space was reflected in Dragon Fang’s Three Lives Pupils.

Power of space!

The power of space attached to the Dragon Fang Blade suddenly erupted. With a loud cracking sound, several strands of elementary grandmist energy were cut apart by Dragon Fang. In that instant, the pressure on Dragon Fang rapidly fell. With a quick movement of his feet, his figure flashed at unimaginable speeds!


Dragon Fang broke through the grandmist space and flew away. At the same time, Lin Ming’s spear struck empty space as it crashed into the ground.

The surface stone of the arena stage was shorn off; crushed rubble flew into the skies!

“Mm? He broke through my grandmist space!”

Lin Ming looked at Dragon Fang with surprise in his eyes. In truth, Lin Ming’s grandmist space was not unbreakable. The closer the grandmist space was to Lin Ming, the more intense it was. The further away the grandmist space was, the weaker it was. It wasn’t strange that Dragon Fang could break free from the shackles of Lin Ming’s grandmist space with absolute strength.

But, what Dragon Fang used just now to break through the grandmist space was not absolute strength. Rather, he used the Three Lives Pupils to see through the circulation of the energy within the grandmist space and then cut it apart. That was truly an incredible feat.

“My grandmist space… I’m not fully proficient in it yet. Or, I should say that I haven’t completely learned it at all!”

Lin Ming thought to himself. He didn’t believe that the grandmist space was inferior to the Three Lives Pupils. Even Empyrean Primordius himself was someone who was in no way inferior to a ruthless master like Empyrean Divine Dream. There was no questioning his strength. The transcendent divine might that he created would undoubtedly be terrifyingly powerful.

But, the problem was that Lin Ming wasn’t considered a full descendant of Empyrean Primordius. When he had entered the Eternal Demon Abyss and ventured into the Road of Emperor, it was unknown whether Empyrean Primordius was still alive and all that was left over was some inheritances and ancient relics.

At that time, Lin Ming didn’t possess the ability to pass Empyrean Primordius’s tests. His cultivation was too low and his talent was lacking; it was natural for him to fail.

Thus, Lin Ming had only scratched the surface of the Primordius martial intent.

On the other hand, Dragon Fang was the sole disciple that Three Lives Old Man had accepted in 300 million years. With Three Lives Old Man personally teaching him, there was nothing that wasn’t explained. Every cultivation ability was revealed in absolute clarity and all sorts of precious resources that Three Lives Old Man had gathered in his life were freely spent on Dragon Fang.

There was simply no comparing them!

Because of this, it wasn’t strange for the Three Lives Pupils to see through the grandmist space!

“I can easily pass through your domain. The Three Lives Pupils is the king of 10,000 Laws. Underneath the gaze of my eyes, there are no Laws that can hide!”

Dragon Fang confidently said, his blood red sword firmly grasped in his hand.

As Lin Ming heard Dragon Fang’s words, he faintly smiled. “Is that so? Unfortunately, I am also confident in my Laws. Why don’t we give it a try!”

Lin Ming’s astonishing words left the entire audience stunned for a moment.

Dragon Fang had just said that the Three Lives Pupils was the king of 10,000 Laws. Although many people found this hard to accept, they didn’t have the means to question it. After all, the facts were placed in front of them. Whoever fought with Dragon Fang would lose all confidence. If your techniques were broken through, how could you possibly continue fighting?

And this Lin Ming actually said he was confident in his Laws?

It was well known by all that Lin Ming’s weakness lay in the Laws.

Lin Ming had reached large success in the fifth level Fire Laws, and his Thunder Laws were slightly worse. Compared to Dragon Fang and Jun Bluemoon, who were exceptionally skilled in the Space and Time Laws and the Yin Yang Laws, he was a bit lacking. In truth, it wasn’t that Lin Ming was weak, but that everyone else was too freakish!

It was truly difficult to judge Lin Ming and Dragon Fang’s strength. But after thinking about it carefully, Lin Ming was a versatile genius skilled in all aspects. Whether it was endurance, defense, Laws, striking power, mortal body, soul, will domains, everything he possessed was approaching the highest levels.

But that was only approaching the highest levels, not the true peak. This made everyone feel that Lin Ming didn’t have a true ‘strength’. Although he was skilled in various aspects, he wasn’t invincible with them.

And Dragon Fang possessed the Three Lives Pupils. In the aspect of Laws, he was invincible.

No one would want to use their Laws to fight with Dragon Fang, otherwise they would be seen through! But if a martial artist didn’t use their Laws, how could they fight?

Moreover, Dragon Fang had mind-boggling accomplishments in the Space and Time Laws. If you were to fight with Dragon Fang, and he were to use the Laws while you couldn’t, wasn’t that just standing there waiting to be beaten up?

Now, Lin Ming’s strongest grandmist space was also seen through by Dragon Fang. Many people were fearfully sweating for Lin Ming, feeling that he was in a very bad spot.

“Is that right? Then let me experience your Laws.”

Dragon Fang gripped his sword and split into eight forms. The seven spatial images seemed to emerge from Dragon Fang’s body. After his Space Laws had reached this boundary, he was already able to freely use the spatial mirror images with skill and ease.

Lin Ming spun the Phoenix Blood Spear. True essence converged into his inner world as the Heretical God Tree crazily grew.

Behind Lin Ming, the phantom of the Heretical God Tree appeared!

This 100,000 foot tall divine tree pierced into the heavens!

The audience didn’t know what sort of transcendent divine might the Heretical God Force was, but they still had an extremely deep impression of it. When Lin Ming had summoned this Heretical God Tree, he had used the Thunder and Fire Laws to break through the Monster Prince’s space cage.

At the same level, the Fire Laws had broken through the Space Laws. What sort of concept was that? It was no minor matter at all! And now, Lin Ming was using this Heretical God Tree to deal with Dragon Fang.

“Virtual Disintegration!”

Lin Ming thrust his spear out, summoning virtual fire to coat the Phoenix Blood Spear. Purple and red beating flames danced on the spear as it thrust towards Dragon Fang.

These were flames that faintly surpassed the Heavenly Dao; they were beyond ordinary. Facing these monstrous flames, Dragon Fang’s expression didn’t change. His needle-like pupils swept over Lin Ming, seeing through all!

“What!?” Dragon Fang was startled. He discovered that the path of this virtual fire was only faintly recognizable, and it was extremely difficult to see. Even with the Three Lives Pupils, he could feel the heat of the flames burning into him, causing a needle-like pain to stab into his mind!

“Flames of virtual fire? Lin Ming’s Fire Laws are truly different from an ordinary martial artist’s, even his Laws are at a higher degree. Even my Three Lives Pupils were nearly unable to see through them. However…”

Three Lives Pupils – All Existence to Void!

Dragon Fang had opened All Existence to Void! On the Divine Seal Altar, Dragon Fang had done this once before. All Existence to Void was a single state of the Three Lives Pupils transcendent divine might. The Three Lives Pupils had many different states and they could even be opened in tandem. When one cultivated the Three Lives Pupils to the limit and all states were opened together, even the Heavenly Dao Laws would fall silent.

Although Dragon Fang was far from reaching this boundary, just the state of All Existence to Void was able to increase his ability to see through the Laws several times over!

“I can see it!”

Within Dragon Fang’s field of vision, the energy circulation path of the virtual fire was clearly seen through by him!

“Break apart!”

The eight Dragon Fangs simultaneously slashed their swords. The eight Dragon Fang Blades erupted with a tremendous power of space as all of this energy rushed towards Lin Ming as if it had a mind of its own!

The power of space was the sharpest weapon. It was omnipresent, able to cut apart all!

And underneath Dragon Fang’s control, this power of space completely stabbed into the weakest points of the virtual fire!

After these monstrous purple flames were pierced through by this power of space, they suddenly shivered before exploding with a loud bang!

Purple flames dimmed as endless purple lights shot out. Lin Ming’s Virtual Disintegration was also broken through!

Hu - !

Dragon Fang let out a long and deep breath, a stabbing pain throbbing in his eyes. Even some meridian channels in the corners of his eyes had ruptured and were leaking deep red blood. Even though Dragon Fang was at the late Divine Sea realm, he was still barely able to use All Existence to Void. Not only did it consume a great deal of true essence and world power, it also created a tremendous burden on his eyes. As long as he activated it, the pressure on his eyes would be unbelievable. The blood vessels in his eyes would blow up over time and even cause him to gradually lose his eyesight.

Thus, Dragon Fang was only able to maintain this state for a very short time.

Dragon Fang grasped the long sword in his hands. At this time, his eyes were burning with flames, like two suns were contained within them. And all around his eyes, meridian channels bulged upwards, seeming just like sunlight.

The current Dragon Fang exuded a savage aura.

As he looked at Lin Ming, he grimly said, “Lin Ming, your virtual fire is truly amazing. I now understand that it is a transcendent divine might, otherwise you could never have reached such heights!”

The Heretical God Force was a transcendent divine might and was more complete than the Primordius martial intent.

But, Lin Ming didn’t expect it to be complete. Those transcendent divine mights that were dug up in ancient ruins were often incomplete. It was only that Lin Ming hadn’t cultivated it to a high enough boundary so he was unable to determine whether or not it was complete. Also, practicing the Heretical God Force was not easy. He needed to constantly absorb divine flames and thunder in the world in order to nourish the constant growth of the Heretical God Force.

Just as it was, the Heretical God Force’s exquisite profoundness in the Laws was extremely exaggerated. It wasn’t even easy for Dragon Fang to see through it.

Dragon Fang said, “You have forced me to open All Existence to Void, and with that, this battle will approach its finale. This is because in this state, I can only maintain myself for half an incense stick of time.”

As the eight Dragon Fangs spoke, they slowly stepped forwards. But as they stepped forwards, another mind-boggling scene occurred.

The bodies of the Dragon Fangs split apart once more, each dividing into two, eight of them dividing into 16!

16 Dragon Fangs had appeared in front of Lin Ming!


The entire audience was completely bewildered. Even those Holy Lords and World Kings were utterly shocked. 16 spatial mirror images meant that Dragon Fang had touched upon the sixth level Concept of the Space Laws!

Although he had only touched the sixth level Concept, he was still many steps away from reaching it. Even so, this accomplishment left one trembling in fear!

“These juniors are too terrifying!”

“An ordinary half-step Holy Lord would have reached this level! In terms of the comprehension of Laws alone, Dragon Fang has reached the standard of a half-step Holy Lord!”

“Old, we are far too old. The geniuses of this era have already surpassed our understanding.”

To touch upon the sixth level Concept at just 36 years of age, that was simply unimaginable. The Space Laws that Dragon Fang practiced were famed for being difficult. This left the heroic young elites present feeling far too inferior. This disparity was too great!

“The match is over. In this state, I can only attack one final time. But, that will be enough.”

The 16 Dragon Fangs looked towards Lin Ming, all of them indifferently speaking as they raised their Dragon Fang Blades.

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