Chapter 1296 – Duel of Two Stars

Chapter 1296 – Duel of Two Stars

“White King, please advise!”

White King stood above the arena stage, a heavy sword grasped in his hands as he faced Jun Bluemoon. Jun Bluemoon had an indifferent expression on his face, still holding the rust-stained sword as before.

“White King! White King!”

The entire audience erupted with heated cheers. This was the home ground of Vast Universe Heavenly Palace, thus they naturally cheered for White King.

White King calmed his mind. This battle was not one he could afford to lose, otherwise he would lose all of his momentum. After that, he would lose to Lin Ming, Dragon Fang, and the others. There was no need to mention the three terrifying characters that were Frost Dream, Xiao Moxian, and Hang Chi.

This could only be called White King’s bad luck. White King was already very strong. In the past, White King would have been able to struggle for the top three ranks of the Heaven Proclamation, but now three dark horses had suddenly galloped up behind him, each one darker than the last. One of them had defeated an Empyrean descendant in three moves, one had savagely beaten the Monster Prince, and the other was the disciple of Three Lives Old Man, and Three Lives Old Man was an ancient supreme elder that even Empyrean Divine Dream respected. Those Three Lives Pupils were able to see through...

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