Chapter 1296 Duel of Two Stars

Chapter 1296 – Duel of Two Stars

“White King, please advise!”

White King stood above the arena stage, a heavy sword grasped in his hands as he faced Jun Bluemoon. Jun Bluemoon had an indifferent expression on his face, still holding the rust-stained sword as before.

“White King! White King!”

The entire audience erupted with heated cheers. This was the home ground of Vast Universe Heavenly Palace, thus they naturally cheered for White King.

White King calmed his mind. This battle was not one he could afford to lose, otherwise he would lose all of his momentum. After that, he would lose to Lin Ming, Dragon Fang, and the others. There was no need to mention the three terrifying characters that were Frost Dream, Xiao Moxian, and Hang Chi.

This could only be called White King’s bad luck. White King was already very strong. In the past, White King would have been able to struggle for the top three ranks of the Heaven Proclamation, but now three dark horses had suddenly galloped up behind him, each one darker than the last. One of them had defeated an Empyrean descendant in three moves, one had savagely beaten the Monster Prince, and the other was the disciple of Three Lives Old Man, and Three Lives Old Man was an ancient supreme elder that even Empyrean Divine Dream respected. Those Three Lives Pupils were able to see through all Laws; how could anyone deal with that?

How could he not feel the pressure?

After all, he was part of the hosting sect. if he were to lose to common mortal martial artists then that would be very ugly. Unfortunately for him, his opponent Jun Bluemoon was such a person. He was extremely strong and yet he didn’t have any background at all.

“Make your move.” Jun Bluemoon said.

White King didn’t hesitate; he immediately attacked.

“Vast Universe Supernatural Art!”

White King immediately used the transcendent divine might of Vast Universe Heavenly Palace. In that instant, White King’s aura exploded, rapidly rising. It doubled and continued rising until it was three times what it was originally.

Not only was his aura three times greater, but his true essence and the power of the world within him were also three times what they were.

“Mm? Vast Universe Supernatural Art?”

Lin Ming was startled. This was a cultivation method capable of rapidly increasing one’s aura, similar to the Heretical God Force. But, the range was greater than the Heretical God Force, and while the Heretical God Force was a momentary explosion, the Vast Universe Supernatural Art seemed to persist longer. From that point alone, the Vast Universe Supernatural Art was much stronger. But, the key point of the Heretical God Force lay in the Heretical God Tree and its ability to control the power of thunder that surpassed the Heavenly Dao Laws. In this point, the Vast Universe Supernatural Art could not compare.

“I never imagined that White King would have already practiced the Vast Universe Supernatural Art to the second stage.”

“White King’s talent is mind-boggling. On the Divine Seal Altar, White King managed to climb 65,000 feet up the last step. Although he is worse than Lin Ming and Dragon Fang in that regard, that is because White King’s methods were lacking. The Divine Seal Altar cannot explain all strengths. With so many peak geniuses converging at this First Martial Meeting, I hope that White King can create a miracle.”

Vast Universe Supernatural Art was an auxiliary transcendent divine might. Its most basic principle was to open a second world within one’s body, and even a third, fourth, fifth, and even more worlds. Currently, White King had only opened up his third inner world and was constantly improving upon it.

Every single transcendent divine might was a heaven-defying ability. And those Empyreans that could create a transcendent divine might were outstanding amongst their generation.

With the support of the Vast Universe Supernatural Art, White King finally attacked. “Gold Light Instant Kill Sword!”

What White King practiced was the Metal Laws. With the support of the Vast Universe Supernatural Art, this sword strike was in no way inferior to an all-out attack from a late Divine Transformation powerhouse!

Facing this attack, Jun Bluemoon took a step backwards, one of his hands drawing a diagram in the air. Yin yang energies fused together, forming a yin yang primal chaos diagram in the air. The primal chaos diagram spun in the air, containing innumerable mysteries. As White King’s sword light pierced into this primal chaos diagram, a strange scene occurred. The sword light submerged into that diagram and completely disappeared!


White King was shocked. Because he had cared too much about this battle, he had immediately revolved the Vast Universe Supernatural Art as soon as he stepped on stage. He had used this all-out attack and yet it was nothing but a fist that struck a load of cotton. He simply wasn’t able to reveal his strength at all.

“What’s going on here?”

Before White King had enough time to think, Jun Bluemoon had already pierced his sword out.

The rust-stained sword was covered in the dazzling light of yin and yang, thrusting straight towards White King’s chest! In that moment, within this world, everyone turned stark black or white; this was an incomparably strange attack!

“Metallic Luster Slash!”

White King grit his teeth and chopped down with his sword, striking Jun Bluemoon’s sword light. The two sword lights were both destroyed at the same time but there was no eruption of energy. Rather, the sword light, true essence, and power of the world seemed to be swallowed up by some invisible power until nothing was left in the world, leaving behind nothing but an eerily calm peace.

This feeling of absolute silence left White King’s heart tightened. Jun Bluemoon’s techniques were too strange. Fighting him gave off an incomparably suppressive feeling.


Jun Bluemoon thrust out another sword. This was also the Yin Yang Laws, but the power behind it was greater than the last strike. The speed was also faster, making it nearly impossible to read its trajectory.

The yin yang diagram spun, as if the entire world would be swallowed within it.

There was no gap between these two sword strikes. It was as if Jun Bluemoon’s true essence was endless.

White King was startled. Fortunately, he had the Vast Universe Supernatural Art backing him up. With three inner worlds, the world power within his body was enough to continue fighting. By relying on this strength, White King and Jun Bluemoon began a fierce melee.

One sword, two swords, three swords… five swords… 10 swords, Jun Bluemoon’s sword strikes became increasingly fast and increasingly potent. After his sword light collided with White King’s techniques, they constantly died out, vanishing into nothing without a single trace remaining.

Even though this was an extremely violent battle, there were no violent explosions of energy. This left the audience feeling extremely repressed. This feeling of the unknown was very uncomfortable.

Soon, Jun Bluemoon had cast out 63 sword strikes.

Even so, White King was just barely managing to deal with this barrage. Although he was distressed, he was able to shoulder this with his true essence that was three times deeper than that of an ordinary genius!

In truth, the intensity of White King’s true essence surpassed Jun Bluemoon’s. But, it was only in the aspect of Laws that Jun Bluemoon occupied an overwhelming advantage. White King’s sword light was inexplicably swallowed and not even White King knew how Jun Bluemoon was doing this.

This was White King, with the support of the Vast Universe Supernatural Art behind him. If it were an ordinary Empyrean descendant, they would have already been defeated.

“Just what sort of cultivation method did this Jun Bluemoon train in that his techniques surpass Senior-apprentice Brother White King in ferocity!?”

“Senior-apprentice Brother White’s greatest superiority lies in the depth of his true essence. If he’s also suppressed in this aspect by Jun Bluemoon then he’s in danger.”

“Why are you trying to tear down others to make yourself seem better? Senior-apprentice Brother White does have an advantage – that is his endurance! Our Heavenly Palace’s Vast Universe Supernatural Art is a transcendent divine might that is the best in prolonged battles! As long as Senior-apprentice Brother White can draw Jun Bluemoon into a war of attrition then he’ll win!”

White King had three separate inner worlds within his body; It was nearly impossible to measure the total amount of true essence he had. He could even use two worlds to fight and then use the third to restore his strength. If that happened then this battle would continue for a long time. If he fought Jun Bluemoon for a long time he wouldn’t consume too much energy and he would still be able to fight.

And at this time, after Jun Bluemoon struck out with 63 sword strikes, his movements suddenly slowed for a breath of time until he slashed out with his 64th sword!

As Jun Bluemoon attacked with his 64th sword strike, a sudden change occurred!

Around Jun Bluemoon and White King, dozens of yin yang primal chaos charts appeared. Counting them, there were 63 in total!

The positions of these yin yang primal chaos charts were exactly where Jun Bluemoon and White King exchanged 63 attacks just now. Each time they fought, their sword lights had disappeared, making it seem as if they had vanished. But that was wrong. The energy had hidden, turning into yin yang primal chaos charts!

Now, with Jun Bluemoon’s 64th sword, all of those primal chaos charts were summoned together. With the final primal chaos chart that was summoned with the 64th sword strike, there were 64 in total!

As the legends said, the endless void gave birth to primal chaos, primal chaos gave birth to two complementary forces, two complementary forces generated four aggregates, four aggregates generated eight trigrams, and eight trigrams formed 64 diagrams!

What Jun Bluemoon used was exactly 64 yin yang swords!

In that moment, 64 yin yang diagrams joined together, blocking all the space around White King. White King felt as if he had fallen into a separate space-time, as if he were blocked by an array diagram, leaving him no space to dodge!

Peng peng peng peng peng peng peng peng!

Eight diagrams exploded together. In that instant, White King’s protective true essence exploded and he flew backwards, his entire body stained red with blood.


White King crashed into the ground. Jun Bluemoon had stayed his hand at the last moment, otherwise White King would have been severely wounded. He stood up and looked over at Jun Bluemoon. With a rueful smile on his face he said, “I’ve lost.”

So those 64 sword strikes that Jun Bluemoon used was a single sword technique. The first 63 sword strikes paved the way for the final blade. It was only that White King wasn’t able to see through the profound principles behind it. The difference was simply far too great.

“Jun Bluemoon, victory!”

Vast Cosmos announced from the stage, a strange taste in his heart. In truth, the reason that White King wasn’t given odds in the gambling house was to not only avoid suspicions of throwing games for profit but also to retain the face of Vast Universe Heavenly Palace. According to Vast Cosmos’s original estimations, White King’s odds should have been worse than Lin Ming’s, Jun Bluemoon’s, Dragon Fang’s, and even the Monster Prince’s. It was just a bit too ugly.

There was no miracle in White King and Jun Bluemoon’s battle. The disparity was simply too great.

“It seems the background of our Vast Universe Heavenly Palace is still lacking…” Vast Cosmos sighed. The most outstanding disciple that had appeared in their Heavenly Palace for the last several hundred thousands of years was actually defeated in such a miserable manner. Of course, this was related to White King’s bad luck.

“Well fought.”

Jun Bluemoon faintly said. He stepped off the arena and sat back down on his chair. After he put away his sword, he held his little white bunny in his hands and closed his eyes in meditation.

As the several hundred million people in the audience saw this, all of them were left speechless. Wasn’t this fellow just a wonderful piece of work?

He was so strong and yet his behaviors were so strange.

After White King was defeated by Jun Bluemoon, the first round of the finals officially concluded. There would be an hour of rest time before the second round began.

The first match of the second round was – Lin Ming against Dragon Fang!

As Vast Cosmos announced this match, the entire arena boiled over with excitement.

Lin Ming against Dragon Fang.

This was a battle between two superstars!

Dragon Fang’s battle against Shiku had left far too deep an impression on the audience. Not only did he possess eyes that could see through all Laws, but he even had the strongest Space and Time Laws behind him. With all of that together, Dragon Fang was a nearly invincible opponent.

However, the scene of Lin Ming brutally defeating the Monster Prince had also left a deep impression on everyone. It seemed as if he had infinite potential.

If these two abnormalities were to bump into each other, that would be a battle for the ages!

Everyone wanted to know who would win!

Lin Ming and Dragon Fang stepped on stage. And at this time, even Jun Bluemoon who was deep in meditation opened his eyes, ready to watch Lin Ming and Dragon Fang’s battle.

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