Chapter 1295 – Impossible to Unravel

Chapter 1295 – Impossible to Unravel

Dragon Fang’s two pupils were chilling to the bone. All moves and all Laws were seen through by him, making one unable to summon any courage to face him.

As Shiku saw his finishing blow, the Sky Mountain Seal, be defeated like that, his complexion turned extremely ugly.

“You are fierce, but my strength is more than just the Earth Laws. By depending on those eyes alone, you cannot defeat me.”

Shiku shouted out loud and popping sounds emitted from his entire body. He directly opened the Eight Inner Hidden Gates and a giant turtle phantom appeared behind him.

This turtle had a massive snaking dragon head and its shell was round like a dome. Its four legs were like those of an elephant and its body was larger than a mountain.

“That’s a Dragon Turtle phantom!”

Of the nine sons of the Heavenly Dragon, the Dragon Turtle was one.

“Shiku has opened seven of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates, the same as me. Moreover, he can summon the phantom of a Dragon Turtle. I fear he obtained a lucky chance related to the Dragon Turtle.” Lin Ming thought.

Shiku suddenly laughed, “Ten years ago I explored a divergent mystic realm. Deep within that mystic realm, I found a deeply slumbering Dragon Turtle egg. Using a special technique, I slowly ate up that Dragon...

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