Chapter 1294 – Seeing Through the Laws

Chapter 1294 – Seeing Through the Laws

“Vast Cosmos, you actually dare to attack me. Do you really want to take on the burden of being the one to instigate a war between humans and the monster race?”

The two monster race old men only had World King cultivations, but they didn’t fear the heavens or the earth. In fact, there were many kings of the monster race that were like this. They wouldn’t endure insults nor would they fear powerhouses. They were a crazy and wild race. In the past, there were people that abducted children with the royal bloodline in order to refine pills. Finally, the monster race completely exterminated the influence that person came from as well as their entire planet.

Many people knew that the monster race was crazy. Within their bones was buried the nature of a beast. They were like mad dogs; once someone provoked them they would crazily retaliate until their body perished.

However, Vast Cosmos didn’t fear any of this at all. He calmly said, “Both of your lives aren’t as valuable as you think. Be careful with your words or I’ll break all of your bones before I kick you back to the monster race. In my territory, you best be more respectful!”

Many humans couldn’t acclimatize to seeing the monster race, demon race, or the other different races. In history, there...

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