Chapter 1293 – Enraging the Monster Race

Chapter 1293 – Enraging the Monster Race

Virtual Disintegration was Lin Ming’s self-created skill. Using virtual fire to attack an opponent’s mind, all of their anger, hatred, and jealousy would become Lin Ming’s weapon. He could use it to burn down his opponents and swallow them alive!

And, the Monster Prince was someone who was incomparably arrogant and easily lost his temper. If the Monster Prince’s flames of anger and jealousy were used to attack him, then the power of Virtual Disintegration would multiply!

Hu - !

Virtual flames burned. Lin Ming’s spear was like a homing missile, unable to be dodged!

The Monster Prince’s pupils shrank. He only felt as if all the anger in his body was being ignited by this spear, attacking his mind!

Virtual Fire!

The Monster Prince had an extraordinary level of experience and naturally recognized this type of fire. It was the fifth level Concept of Fire – Virtual Fire. The Monster Prince was also well aware of his own weaknesses and shortcomings. If he was struck by this spear, victory and defeat would be instantly settled!

From the point when Lin Ming had used the Heretical God fire and thunder to tear open the space cage and attack the Monster Prince with Virtual Disintegration, his series of attacks had been...

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