Chapter 1293 Enraging the Monster Race

Chapter 1293 – Enraging the Monster Race

Virtual Disintegration was Lin Ming’s self-created skill. Using virtual fire to attack an opponent’s mind, all of their anger, hatred, and jealousy would become Lin Ming’s weapon. He could use it to burn down his opponents and swallow them alive!

And, the Monster Prince was someone who was incomparably arrogant and easily lost his temper. If the Monster Prince’s flames of anger and jealousy were used to attack him, then the power of Virtual Disintegration would multiply!

Hu - !

Virtual flames burned. Lin Ming’s spear was like a homing missile, unable to be dodged!

The Monster Prince’s pupils shrank. He only felt as if all the anger in his body was being ignited by this spear, attacking his mind!

Virtual Fire!

The Monster Prince had an extraordinary level of experience and naturally recognized this type of fire. It was the fifth level Concept of Fire – Virtual Fire. The Monster Prince was also well aware of his own weaknesses and shortcomings. If he was struck by this spear, victory and defeat would be instantly settled!

From the point when Lin Ming had used the Heretical God fire and thunder to tear open the space cage and attack the Monster Prince with Virtual Disintegration, his series of attacks had been so fast that it was nearly impossible to react to.

As the Monster Prince saw this spear coming at him, his eyes sharpened. His entire body erupted with energy!

“10,000 Monster Domain!”

The Monster Prince roared. In that moment, countless horrifying sounds filled the air! These sounds were like the cry of a dragon, the roars of a tiger, a long and endless sonic wave that spread past the horizon!

Awhoo - !

From within the Monster Prince’s body, countless monster phantoms rushed out!

These great monsters were as tall as a hundred feet and as small as a palm. Their shapes also came in all sorts of strange and macabre styles. Some looked like lions, ghosts and zombies, some had vicious horns and spikes, and some were dripping with tentacles of blood!

In that instant, 9999 monster spirits rushed out from the Monster Prince’s body, covering a scope of several miles around the Monster Prince!

Lin Ming’s virtual fire that he sent out was torn to pieces by those monster spirits and swallowed up!

“Mm? This is…” Lin Ming was startled. After he joined in on the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting, not only did he encounter all sorts of unimaginable geniuses, but he witnessed all kinds of mysteries techniques. This ability in front of him seemed like a type of domain, there was actually this sort of domain!

“Haha, how do you like my 10,000 Monster Domain? I want to see just how you break through it!”

The Monster Prince crazily laughed!

“10,000 Monster Domain, I never imagined that this Monster Prince would be able to use the 10,000 Monster Domain…” In the honored seating section, an extraordinarily experienced person spoke out. He had a great deal of understanding into the monster race’s cultivation methods.

“Genius martial artists of the monster race, because of the royal bloodline within their bodies, have the ability to attract the worship of monster spirits, forming a monster spirit domain. There are different levels, from the 100 Monster Domain, 1000 Monster Domain, 10,000 Monster Domain, and even the legendary 100,000 Monster Domain. The last stage is only a legend, and the 10,000 Monster Domain can be called the top of all monster domains.”

A white-clothed old man spookily said. Beside him, another thin middle-aged man nodded his head, saying, “With 9999 monster spirits as well as the Monster Prince himself, that is a total of 10,000 monster spirits, forming a perfect 10,000 Monster Domain. It is known as an unbreakable domain! Not only does it have immense striking power, but at the same time, any person that steps into the 10,000 Monster Domain will be swallowed up within it. Once the 10,000 Monster Domain is used, that is the same as having to deal with 10,000 monster spirits. This sort of offensive and defensive ability is far more profound than Ram Saber’s Saber King Domain.

“But even if Lin Ming’s momentum is destroyed here, it still won’t extinguish the glory and fame he’s gained so far. Lin Ming is amazing. He is able to use Thunder and Fire Laws to tear apart Space Laws of the same level. No matter how this battle ends, there is no loser. This generation of juniors is truly far too strong.”

The monster race’s 10,000 Monster Domain was the pride of the royal bloodline. In a chaotic battle of armies, if a monster of the royal family were to open their 10,000 Monster Domain and rush into the midst of an army, they could have their 10,000 monsters swallow up their enemies’ flesh and blood, becoming unstoppable. Moreover, the more flesh and blood these monster spirits ate, the more brutal and vicious they would become. In the end, even an army of a million could be completely killed off by a single person!

The Monster Prince coldly sneered at Lin Ming, “Hehe, my 10,000 Monster Domain can annihilate all life in the world. You, human, are nothing but a fat mouse, barely enough for a bite! Now die!”

As the Monster Prince spoke, he grasped his halberd and rushed at Lin Ming.

“Halberd Shattering the Universe!”

The Monster Prince’s falling halberd came down like a collapsing mountain. At the same time, all of the monster spirits around the Monster Prince also hurtled towards Lin Ming!

Together with the Monster Prince, that was 10,000 monster spirits. In addition to that vicious and desolate halberd, this terrifying attack even caused the audience that was dozens of miles away to shake with fear and awe. If they were placed within that 10,000 Monster Domain, they might be instantly eaten up until nothing was left remaining!

A single person to fight 10,000 monsters, how could one possibly continue fighting!?

In that instant, facing the aggressive threat of the Monster Prince, Lin Ming’s expression still didn’t change. He held his Phoenix Blood Spear straight, all of his true essence and world power erupting from his inner world!

As 10,000 monster spirits howled, Lin Ming stood tall and proud, his body straight like a spear!

“Bloom in splendor – Prime Emperor Lotus Flower!”

In that moment, a blood red lotus flower slowly bloomed behind Lin Ming, so red and lush it seemed as if it would drip blood!

This was the Primordius martial intent!

The thick and vast grandmist space erupted, rolling outwards like a spreading storm. The boundless aura turned into a mighty tsunami that flushed towards those 10,000 monster spirits!

Grandmist space was able to annihilate everything. Flesh and blood, Laws, souls, not even monster spirits were an exception!

This was nearly the highest level domain in the Divine Realm, the domain that stood at the greatest heights. Even the 10,000 Monster Domain was suppressed!

Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng!

Underneath the shroud of the grandmist space, monster spirits began to emit pitiful and miserable screams before they collapsed into ash, gone forever!

The massive numbers of monster spirits that were destroyed turned into elementary grandmist energy!


The Monster Prince was shocked. His 10,000 Monster Domain had been broken! Not only was he astonished, but the entire audience was dumbstruck. Lin Ming’s domain was actually so fierce! Just how many techniques did he have in the end?

“My monster spirits!” The Monster Prince’s eyes were bloodshot with rage. If his monster spirits died he could still create more, but he had to use enough flesh and blood to do so. It was extremely troublesome.

“You are courting death!”

As the Monster Prince saw the countless monster spirits that he had raised himself being killed off by Lin Ming, he grasped his desolate halberd and smashed it down at Lin Ming’s head!

But after entering the grandmist space, the Monster Prince found his strength rapidly fading away. An incomparably thick atmosphere made him pay several times the strength in order to complete a single movement.

“This damned domain!”

The Monster Prince was surprised. He felt as if he had fallen into a thick swamp as his speed rapidly dropped.

At the same time, Lin Ming rushed towards the Monster Prince.

“Just die. Virtual Disintegration!”

Lin Ming thrust out his spear. Underneath the suppression of the grandmist space, the Phoenix Blood Spear’s spear light shot right towards the Monster Prince!

“You small fry!”

The Monster Prince was utterly enraged. His body emitted more crackling sounds as a crimson color washed over his entire body. It seemed that he had used some sort of arcane skill!

He forcefully cast off the shackles of the grandmist space and smashed his halberd out at the Phoenix Blood Spear!


Spear and halberd crossed. A terrifying force swept outwards!

In that instant, the Monster Prince felt strange flames drill into his body like a viper!

These flames looked ordinary, but once they rushed into his body, they caused his mind to fall into illusion.

Hu - !

His anger exploded into an inferno, completely subsuming his rational mind. The Monster Prince’s eyes turned blood red and blood vessels popped out from his entire body as if he would explode at any moment.

This was the might of virtual fire. Moreover, Lin Ming’s virtual fire came from the Heretical God Tree; it was far above ordinary.

“You’re done!”

Lin Ming coolly said. The spear in his hands came smashing down!


The heavy shaft of the Phoenix Blood Spear struck the Monster Prince’s body. The Monster Prince’s protective true essence instantly collapsed like an eggshell!


An old voice suddenly echoed through the arena.

However, Lin Ming ignored this voice. He pulled back his spear and struck the Monster Prince’s chest, causing his ribs to break apart and sending him soaring away.


The Monster Prince fell onto the floor like a pile of hashed meat. His body skidded back on the ground for several tens of thousands of feet, causing countless tiles to shatter until he finally fell off the side of the arena stage.

The entire audience was left silent. Lin Ming was far too fierce, He had broken through the Space Laws using Thunder and Fire Laws of the same level. Moreover, he had a strange domain of his own that broke through the 10,000 Monster Domain, and now he had defeated the Monster Prince. As he stood there, his momentum was like a rainbow, unstoppable!

“Young Master!”

Two old monster race men rushed over to the Monster Prince’s side, quickly inspecting his wounds.

The truth was that with the monster race’s royal bloodline, the Monster Prince’s regenerative abilities were no weaker than Lin Ming’s. Even if all of his ribs had shattered it still wouldn’t take too long to recover. If there were superb medicines used, the effects would be even better.

“You!” A monster race World King suddenly stood up, eyeing Lin Ming like a poisonous snake. “Human, I ordered you to stop, are you deaf!?”

The monster race old man was extremely overbearing, even reprimanding Lin Ming right here.

As Lin Ming heard this monster race old man’s words, he was startled. He had seen overbearing before, but never to this extent. Although his natural character was to remain low-profile and he didn’t like to needlessly quarrel with anybody, as he faced this ridiculous monster race old man, he simply angrily smiled and said, “Who the hell are you? Why should I listen to you? I think an old bag of bones like you has gone insane.”

Hearing Lin Ming’s words, the monster race old man’s eyes suddenly flashed with killing intent, “You are courting death!”

As he spoke, he prepared to rush up onto the arena. The people of the monster race, especially the royal family, were all incomparably arrogant and conceited. In their minds, everyone needed to respect them and everyone needed to submit to them. All that refused should be put to death.

However, just as the monster race old man stepped onto the arena stage, he felt a terrifying strength crash into him. This strength was extremely formidable; there was no way for him to resist it. The monster race old man suddenly shook as he was sent soaring backwards, smashing into the arena wall and coughing up a mouthful of blood.


Although the monster race old man looked miserable, the truth was that he wasn’t seriously injured at all. Coughing up some blood wasn’t anything to the likes of him.

Vast Cosmos slowly walked over, looking at the monster race old man as he would a fool. He coldly said, “Me! Without permission, no one can rush onto the arena stage of the finals. Consider this a light warning.”

Vast Cosmos had a half-step Empyrean cultivation. Compared to an ordinary World King, the disparity was immense!

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