Chapter 1292 – Might of the Heretical God

Chapter 1292 – Might of the Heretical God

“Lin Ming is also 31 years old? He’s the same as that stupid monster boy!”

“Incredible! This will be interesting to watch!”

Before, the Monster Prince had bragged about his talent, stating he had a 31 year skeletal age and that any heroic elite present that was 50 years or younger could challenge him. However, even saying so, it wouldn’t be glorious if someone with a 50 year skeletal age truly defeated him.

In order to suppress him, it needed to be a genius of the same age. The audience didn’t expect that Lin Ming was also of the same age. This battle truly caused one’s blood to boil over.

“Lin Ming is really a monstrous genius. At 31 years of age he’s able to reach such heights. I have no idea just what will he will accomplish in the future.”

“But if he were compared to that Monster Prince…”

The audience certainly hoped that Lin Ming could defeat the Monster Prince, but his opponent was truly strong. It was hard to say whether or not Lin Ming could triumph in the end.

“Lin Ming! Lin Ming!”

Many heroic elites shouted out loud.

“Destroy him!”

“Slaughter him! Slaughter him!”

Let alone the current heroic young elites present, even some young girl martial artists were cheering for Lin Ming. All of them hoped that Lin Ming could win. This was because this Monster Prince...

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