Chapter 1291 Fighting the Monster Prince

Chapter 1291 – Fighting the Monster Prince

“You sure speak a lot of crap. Aren’t you afraid that the wind will cut your tongue? I want to take a good look today at just how you’ll instantly defeat me!” Hua Xuan was filled with a righteous anger. After being derided and belittled again and again by someone else, anyone would have gone berserk.

At the start of the battle, Hua Xuan laid down a thick origin energy shield around his body.

Hua Xuan was also an Empyrean descendant. He cultivated the Space Laws and the Metal Laws. The attacks of the Metal Laws were sharp and keen and its defensive power was considered nearly invincible, thick and powerful, not in any way weaker than the Earth Laws.

A golden barrier completely shielded Hua Xuan. He had already revealed his stance and planned on engaging in a battle of defense. Although the Monster Prince was arrogant, his strength was obvious. Before now, the strength he revealed had been similar to Jun Bluemoon and Lin Ming. Although Hua Xuan was also confident in himself, he didn’t believe that his chances of winning were very high. Moreover, since the Monster Prince was still so full of himself, there were inevitably many cards that he had yet to reveal.

His opponent had already spoken far too much; losing would not be a shame. All he needed to do was hold on for some time.

“Have you finished preparing your turtle shell?”

The Monster Prince crossed his arms together, a lazy smile on his face.

“Stop acting like you’re so amazing. I don’t need you to wait for me, come at me whenever you want!” Hua Xuan angrily shouted.

“Okay. Then let me test out just how hard your turtle shell is.”

As the Monster Prince laughed he drew out his weapon. It was a 10 foot long war halberd!

The cold halberd blade exuded a thick killing intent. The tip of the halberd was a sharp blade. It could pierce and also behead!

With such a heavy weapon, one needed an immense amount of strength and energy to display its unstoppable explosive force.

The mortal body of a monster martial artist was originally far superior to the body of a human. Their bloodline was strong and there were Laws engraved into their bodies. Moreover, the royal family had even stronger bloodlines and Laws within them.

A considerable portion of their strength would naturally emerge as they grew older. Cultivation was only able to affect a minor part of their strength.

Thus, a monster martial artist’s talent was extremely important. Once a monster was born, over half of their future achievements could be determined by their bloodline and talent.

The Monster Prince was naturally an outstanding genius of the monster race.

“Then take my strike! Halberd Shattering the Universe!”

The Monster Prince’s body erupted with energy. The power that gushed out from him was no less than that of a human body transformation martial artist. When combined with the erupting monster energy, this strike split through space, the halberd light like a wild dragon crossing the river, unstoppable!


The halberd light smashed into Hua Xuan’s metallic origin energy shield. It was like a massive copper pillar striking a giant bronze bell; a massive noise filled the skies!

A violent sonic boom spread out for thousands of miles. Hua Xuan shook and all the blood within his body tumbled. Although his metal-attribute barrier was able to barely withstand this strike, there were already faint cracks that began appearing within it.


Hua Xuan grit his teeth, pouring all of his true essence into his barrier. His Metal Laws had also stepped past the threshold of the fifth level Concept. If he gave up on the offensive and solely defended, then his barrier was extremely difficult to break through!

“How interesting!”

The Monster Prince pounded down with his halberd once more!

“Rule the World!”

As this halberd came sweeping out, Hua Xuan felt all of the power of space around him become chaotic. An invisible force controlled that power of space, squeezing Hua Xuan within it!

The power of space was used to crush Hua Xuan’s metal-attribute barrier!

The Monster Prince had extremely high attainments in manipulating the Space Laws; he had firmly stepped into the fifth level Concept! This was not because he learned and comprehended it by himself, but because most of those Laws were already engraved into his body. As he grew, he only needed the light guidance of a teacher to master them.

Hua Xuan had already reached his limit by resisting this squeezing power of space.

More and more cracks appeared in his barrier!

Hua Xuan bit down so hard that his teeth were stained with blood. Even so, he was barely able to withstand this attack!

“Your little turtle shell is quite hard. Then, let my third move deliver you to your end!

“Void Collapse!”

The Monster Prince swept out his halberd a third time. Suddenly, the power of space that was squeezing around Hua Xuan exploded!

Ka ka ka!

Space violently twisted as if it would break down. At high levels, Void Collapse was able to destroy the stable space of the Divine Realm. Once this stable space exploded, the power of space that erupted could tear apart any martial artist to the tiniest of pieces.

The Monster Prince was still far from reaching this boundary. But, causing the power of space to tremble and leak over to strangle someone to death was already a terrifying power.

It was the belief of many Supreme Elders that the sharpest thing in the world was not forged weapons, but space!

In the Monster Prince’s third strike, his use of the Laws had reached a horrifying height. Hua Xuan was no longer able to persist in defending. His metal-attribute barrier completely disintegrated and he flew backwards, vomiting out a mouthful of blood.

In this battle, Hua Xuan had been completely defeated. The disparity was far too evident.

“He lost! The disparity was too great! Hua Xuan tried his best, but he was still suppressed from the start!”

“Mm… in truth, Hua Xuan is very strong, but the reason he entered the top 10 has a high luck component to it. In terms of strength, he should be weaker than Ram Saber.”

The final 10 of the first tier were all decided by the last matches they fought in the first round, which had been arranged by Vast Cosmos. If they won they would advance to the first tier, and if they lost they would advance to the second tier. Vast Cosmos wasn’t an omniscient god and it was still difficult for him to distinguish which genius was stronger and weaker. Thus, it wasn’t strange for lopsided situations like this to appear.

However, the top participants of the second tier could challenge the lower ranked participants of the first tier. At the end of the First Martial Meeting when the final rankings were determined, the top 10 might not all be from the current first tier.


Hua Xuan half-knelt on the ground, supporting himself with his sword. He was still coughing blood; it was obvious that he was heavily wounded.

“Humph! To be able to withstand three of my attacks, you’re not too garbage. As far as humans are concerned, you’re so-so.”

The Monster Prince said with deep disdain. His words naturally aroused the anger of the audience.

“This idiot, he is too arrogant!”

“Does he really think his monster race is so amazing?”

“A complete retard!”

The Monster Prince’s gall was greater than the heavens, and he was arrogant to the extreme. With so many people in the audience cursing him, they obviously wanted to enrage him.

All of the young elites present originated from great influences. Which one of them was not arrogant themselves?

However, the Monster Prince didn’t care at all.

He thought, ‘Yes, I’m arrogant, but what can you do about it!?’

“My skeletal age is 31 years old. All of you useless and pathetic barking humans in the audience, if you have a skeletal age of 50 or lower and you also aren’t convinced, then feel free to fight with me!”

The Monster Prince’s words were filled with monster energy, making them loud enough that they easily spread through the entire audience.

And after hearing these words, all of the martial artists who had been wildly shouting suddenly deflated.

“31 year skeletal age!?”

“This freak!”

A 31 year skeletal age was far too young! The martial artists that participated in the First Martial Meeting were 40 years old on average. Even Dragon Fang was 36 years old and that was considered quite young. Many of the young elites present were 40-50 years old, but even if their strength increased 10 times over they still wouldn’t be a match for the Monster Prince. Thus, they could only choke on their own rage without the energy to refute him. This was because the difference was far too great!

“Have Xiao Moxian go on stage! She’ll definitely beat him to a pulp!” Many martial artists shouted, unable to swallow this anger. A Monster Prince had actually come to their territory and beaten up their geniuses. After that he had even loudly mocked all of them. Even so, there wasn’t a single person who was able to stand up to him, so how could their thoughts ever remain smooth after this?

However, they knew that they were not a match for the Monster Prince so they could only pin their hopes on these other extreme characters competing in the finals. They needed one of the other participants to surpass the Monster Prince in both strength and talent.

“Xiao Moxian is extremely young. I’ve heard that she is still in her twenties. Even so, she cannot be considered someone that is fully human.

Xiao Moxian’s talent far surpassed the Monster Prince’s. However, half of her bloodline came from a Dark Phoenix, so she could be considered a half monster.

To have Xiao Moxian defeat the Monster Prince didn’t have any meaning at all. That was equal to a monster defeating a monster.

Even though the Monster Prince was arrogant he didn’t deny Xiao Moxian’s talent. But besides her, the Monster Prince despised everyone else, including even Frost Dream. He believed that Frost Dream’s talent was no higher than his own. As for Hang Chi, he was even more useless.

“That human called Lin Ming, aren’t you going to come up for a battle?”

The Monster Prince chuckled as he looked over in Lin Ming’s direction, his eyes filled with a provocative light. He wanted to see Lin Ming’s frightened and confused face, but he was disappointed. “This brat has some guts. Humph, I’ll see just how long you can maintain that calm demeanor of yours.”

Lin Ming looked at Vast Cosmos. Vast Cosmos said, “If the both of you agree and are willing to compete ahead of time then I will not oppose that!”

The order of fights in the tournament didn’t matter much, and even Vast Cosmos was slowly becoming sick of hearing this Monster Prince shout again and again. But, he had to admit that this Monster Prince was indeed powerful!

Lin Ming’s potential and the Monster Prince’s potential were on two different levels. Vast Cosmos knew that the reason Lin Ming was able to climb up the 33 steps of the Divine Seal Altar was because he had comprehended a very special type of Laws. His future achievements would be without limit. But, before Lin Ming could successfully transform these Laws into true combat strength, it would be very difficult for him to defeat the Monster Prince.

This was because the Monster Prince’s talent perfectly manifested with his growth. With every second that passed, he fused with the Laws in his body more and more, becoming increasingly strong.

This was the superiority of the monster race!

If Lin Ming was defeated then not only did that mean a loss for him, but also a deep shame for the entirety of Vast Universe Heavenly Palace. This was because all the disciples of Vast Universe Heavenly Palace were inferior to Lin Ming.

To all of this, Vast Cosmos couldn’t help but consider the situation. At his level, face was very important to him.

Vast Cosmos deeply looked at Lin Ming, then said, “You must be careful. He is very strong!”

“I thank Senior for the reminder. I will make sure to remember that.”

“Mm… good.”

As the two quickly spoke with a true essence sound transmission, Lin Ming stepped forwards, grasping his long spear as he stood before the Monster Prince.

Long spear against a wild halberd!

Lin Ming didn’t immediately attack. Instead, he pointed his spear at the Monster Prince and coldly said, “You having a 31 year skeletal age is a wonderful coincidence. I am also not yet 32 years old and that makes us the same age! I have rarely met a match that is my age.”

As Lin Ming spoke these words, the audience was shocked. Lin Ming was also 31 years old!?

Although the audience was now noticing Lin Ming, they didn’t know just how old he was. After all, this was the first time that most of them had heard of him, and yet he was actually the same age as the Monster Prince!

That meant that this battle would be an absolutely fair match!

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