Chapter 1291 – Fighting the Monster Prince

Chapter 1291 – Fighting the Monster Prince

“You sure speak a lot of crap. Aren’t you afraid that the wind will cut your tongue? I want to take a good look today at just how you’ll instantly defeat me!” Hua Xuan was filled with a righteous anger. After being derided and belittled again and again by someone else, anyone would have gone berserk.

At the start of the battle, Hua Xuan laid down a thick origin energy shield around his body.

Hua Xuan was also an Empyrean descendant. He cultivated the Space Laws and the Metal Laws. The attacks of the Metal Laws were sharp and keen and its defensive power was considered nearly invincible, thick and powerful, not in any way weaker than the Earth Laws.

A golden barrier completely shielded Hua Xuan. He had already revealed his stance and planned on engaging in a battle of defense. Although the Monster Prince was arrogant, his strength was obvious. Before now, the strength he revealed had been similar to Jun Bluemoon and Lin Ming. Although Hua Xuan was also confident in himself, he didn’t believe that his chances of winning were very high. Moreover, since the Monster Prince was still so full of himself, there were inevitably many cards that he had yet to reveal.

His opponent had already spoken far too much; losing would...

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