Chapter 129 - Medium-Grade Human-Step Sword

Chapter 129 – Medium-Grade Human-Step Sword

It was only when she could no longer sense Zhang Guanyu that Lan Yunyue let out a breath of relief, her fingers trembling. A moment ago, did that man say Sir Zhang? Was it possible that the youth was Zhang Guanyu?

Although she no longer kept thoughts of Lin Ming in her mind, Lan Yunyue had still unintentionally heard news of Lin Ming. She knew that four months from now, Lin Ming would challenge Zhang Guanyu. Was it because of this reason that Zhang Guanyu had wanted to do something so ruthless to her?

But it was nothing more than a challenge, so why would he do this?

Lan Yunyue didn’t understand.

It was not only Lan Yunyue who didn’t understand. It had never even occurred to Lin Ming that Zhang Guanyu would be demented to such a degree, that this person wished to obtain everything in the world. Glory, status, woman; all were his and anyone who threatened to encroach on these would be a thorn in his side!

Any normal person, such as the Tenth Prince, even if they regarded Lin Ming as a thorn in their side they would never dare to move against them. They would outwardly smile and show good will. But Zhang Guanyu was different; anyone that threatened him would receive his mad retaliation.

“Miss Lan, are you alright?” Liao Wenyuan smiled. Although he knew Lan Yunyue and Lin Ming’s past, he did not look down on this girl. In this world, there were two kinds of companions that were worth feeling grateful for. The first was a woman; when everything went downhill, they would still stand by their man and cross the hard times with their husband. The second was a successful man with a rising career who would cross life together with just his first wife.

Running into these two kinds of companions would be one of life’s great fortunes. But, if one cannot meet someone like this, they no one can be blamed either.

“Thank… thank you Senior. My I ask Senior’s name?” Lan Yunyue bit her lip and bowed.

Without a doubt, this intimidating man with thick eyebrows had come to protect her. To be a martial arts master that would protect an ordinary female, he must have some sort of relation to Lin Ming.

“Miss Lan does not need to be polite. My surname is Liao, my name is Liao Wenyuan. Just call me Mister Liao.”

“Senior Liao’s graciousness, this young lady will never forget.”

“Haha, you don’t need to thank me. I was just doing as I was instructed.”

Lan Yunyue hesitated, and could not help but ask, “May I ask how Senior Liao and Mister Lin are…”

Liao Wenyuan heard Lan Yunyue say this and smiled. “Mister Lin? Haha Miss Lan, when you say it like that, how could I not respond. It’s Lin Ming right?”

Lan Yunyue awkwardly nodded. She was now a commoner, and this Liao Wenyuan in front of her was probably a master at the Pulse Condensation Period, and a titled aristocrat. She should refer to him in a respectable manner and call him mister.

But Lin Ming’s status was that of a core disciple of the Seven Profound Martial House, so his status was actually higher than Liao Wenyuan’s. Lin Ming also didn’t have relations with her anymore, that’s why in front of Liao Wenyuan she had called him Mister Lin as a show of respect. Only someone who was incomparably intimate with Lin Ming, such as his younger sister or girlfriend, could call him ‘big brother’, or call him directly by his name.

“I was sent by His Highness the Crown Prince. But before this, Brother Lin has also asked me about you. Miss Lan, your status is quite sensitive now, it is probably impossible for you to ever live a quiet life again. How about this, you come with me back to the Crown Prince’s palace, and the Crown Prince will guarantee your safety, so that something like this will never happen again.”

Lan Yunyue nipped her lips and nodded. In this situation, she had no choice.

So like this, Lan Yunyue arrived at the Crown Prince’s palace in awe and trepidation. Unexpectedly, she was personally received by the Crown Prince, Yang Lin, who politely inquired about her situation. Lan Yunyue was then arranged into an elegant room within the Crown Prince’s palace, and some maids were specially sent to take care of Lan Yunyue.

Here, there was a pavilion with a collection of rare books, rooms to practice calligraphy and painting, and masters that would teach her how. There were martial arts cultivation rooms, and also martial arts teachers.

When Lan Yunyue arrived here, her mood was extremely complex. She did not expect that so many things would happen within a few months, and that in the end she would finally be admitted to the Crown Prince’s palace…


In the Inscription Association, the guest inscription master would tailor their inscriptions based upon the customer’s request. Each customer had different requests. Some only wanted to an inscription symbol, some wanted their treasures repaired, or some wanted to improve their treasures.

Everyday, Lin Ming was exposed to a variety of strange materials, and he would face a number of different requests. In the drawing process, Lin Ming’s understanding of the nature of various materials began to slowly become perfect. He also began to further comprehend and achieve mastery of the memories and theories in his mind.

Meanwhile, the soul force also experienced significant growth. His use of the ‘Overbearing Soul Tactic’ became more skillful, even almost as well as his use of the ‘True Primal Chaos Formula’. He would frequently push himself to the limit of his ability, then enter into the ethereal martial intent and rely on the true essence stones he had to restore his true essence. This caused Lin Ming’s ‘True Primal Chaos Formula’ to steadily progress. Like this, it would only be a matter of time before he achieved the Small Success of the second layer.

He had continuously been drawing inscription symbols for three days, and Lin Ming began to become famous. More and more martial artists of Sky Fortune City came to know of the new guest inscription master at the Inscription Association. They knew that he was young, but his inscription technique approached the pinnacle of Sky Fortune Kingdom’s inscription masters.

The flame brand that Lin Ming placed in his inscription symbols also became a hot commodity. If a treasure had this flame mark on it, its value would increase tremendously.

To a martial artist, a treasure that came from a famous expert was similar to a priceless mink coat to an aristocratic woman; it really was just as addictive and hard to let go.


In the Seven Profound Martial House, Murong Zi saw Bai Jingyun’s treasure sword, and with eyes shining, said, “Wow Big Bister Jingyun, a medium-grade human-step treasure sword!”

In the Sky Fortune Kingdom, a medium-grade human-step treasure was very rare. There were many Pulse Condensation Period martial artists who did not have a medium-grade human-step treasure.

But Murong Zi and Bai Jingyun were only marital artists at the Altering Muscle stage. To an Altering Muscle stage martial artist, a low-grade human-step treasure was already sufficient. A medium-grade was simply overly extravagant.

“Mm, it’s made by Huoluo Nation’s Master Jadelotus. They’ve been open for less than a year, and my uncle gifted this to me.”

Murong Zi said, “So that’s it, it must be great to have such a nice uncle. That sword probably cost 20,000 gold taels.”

“Probably. But this money to you Murong Zi is just some drizzle on a rainy day. Haha, Younger Sister, if you want to order a medium-grade human-step treasure sword, it’s not so easy.”

“Come on! Our family would never be so lavish. Besides, my father is the worst cheapskate of all time. Only if I enter the top ten of the Ranking Stone would get buy something like that for me. To enter the first ten, It’s hopeless to think it will happen in the next year.”

Bai Jingyun smiled, and said, “You’re lazy. As long as you work hard, with your talent, it’s very easy.”

“Oh, I hope so. But Big Sister Jingyun, how come I’ve never seen you take out this sword before?”

Bai Jingyun said with a smile, “Because I couldn’t find a suitable inscription before, so I never took it out. But this time, I heard that there is a guest inscription master at the Inscription Association. He is young, but his inscription technique level has already reached the pinnacle. This person also can create an inscription symbol that suits my attribute. So I want to bring this sword and go to the Inscription Association to have a look.” Bai Jingyun said as she inventoried some materials. These materials had been arranged long ago, but she had never found a time to use them.

Usually a person would be very particular about a medium-grade human-step treasure’s inscription symbol. A lower level inscription master was simply insufficient to draw an inscription symbol upon a medium-grade human-step treasure, and even those inscription masters whose skill was high enough, often because of some reason or another, they could not meet the owner’s demand for what inscription symbol to put on the treasure.

For instance, Bai Jingyun wanted an inscription symbol on her sword that had a water attribute or ice attribute. However, in the Sky Fortune Kingdom’s school of inscription technique, there just weren’t many inscription symbols with attributes, and the only water attribute inscription symbols were the ‘Water Parting Symbol’ and a few others. But Bai Jingyun did not like these inscription symbols, and therefore had put this matter on hold.

Murong Zi curiously asked, “A young inscription master whose technique has reached the pinnacle? How young is he?”

“It is said that he is younger than 20 years old. But I’m not too clear of just how young.”

“What a joke! That’s simply too fabulous a tale; these rumors that people make up are become more and more odd. I don’t believe that there can be a 20 year old inscription master with such a high level of technique. I think that this guest inscription master is and old man who just looks a bit young. Either that or he’s not so high-level as people have blown him up to be.”

Bai Jingyun smiled and said, “Ah Zi, you are just too dismissive of geniuses. When Lin Ming had emerged, you had also looked down on him. What kind of person is he now? Lin Min will become a core disciple soon. Your temper just isn’t good, your jealousy is too strong. You just can’t see those at your age that are better than you.”

“Hey, just who is jealous!? Ah, this young lady has already begun to try her hardest. Big Sister Jingyun, you just wait and see. Even if I cannot compare to that farm animal Lin Ming in the future, I will compete in the Ten Thousand Killing Array match 3 months from now, and  I will not lose to him. If he can really enter the top ten, then I will also enter the top ten and show you just how cool I am!”

“Haha, who was it that just said a moment ago that they would not be able to advance to the top ten within a year?” Bai Jingyun asked with a teasing smile.

“That… that’s because……” Murong Zi blushed, and had nothing more to say.

Bai Jingyun laughed. “Okay, okay, I won’t make fun of you. Do you want to go with me to the Inscription Association?”

“I’m too lazy to go. This thing is just a rumor, even if I go there’s no point. You might as well ask Yuhan’s grandfather to draw an inscription symbol for you! Yuhan’s grandfather is  the best inscription master in Sky Fortune City. If he is willing to help you, then what’s not to like?”

Bai Jingyun said, “I want a water attribute inscription symbol. President Wang does not excel at them.”

There were specializations within the inscription industry. Although Wang Xuanji had many attainments in inscription techniques and was very proficient, concerning the five elemental inscription symbols, he only excelled at fire and metal attribute inscription symbols.

“Then I’ll go first. You practice well; I will wait to see you in the top ten 3 months from now.” Bai Jingyun teased.

“Alright, alright, I’ll go with you. I was just joking around, why are you so serious,” Murong Zi grumpily said. She sent a bullied look towards Bai Jingyun, “I will show you how kind I am at heart and go with you to the Inscription Association. I want to see just how good this guest inscription master is.”

“Mm? Okay.”

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