Chapter 129 - Medium-Grade Human-Step Sword

Chapter 129 – Medium-Grade Human-Step Sword

It was only when she could no longer sense Zhang Guanyu that Lan Yunyue let out a breath of relief, her fingers trembling. A moment ago, did that man say Sir Zhang? Was it possible that the youth was Zhang Guanyu?

Although she no longer kept thoughts of Lin Ming in her mind, Lan Yunyue had still unintentionally heard news of Lin Ming. She knew that four months from now, Lin Ming would challenge Zhang Guanyu. Was it because of this reason that Zhang Guanyu had wanted to do something so ruthless to her?

But it was nothing more than a challenge, so why would he do this?

Lan Yunyue didn’t understand.

It was not only Lan Yunyue who didn’t understand. It had never even occurred to Lin Ming that Zhang Guanyu would be demented to such a degree, that this person wished to obtain everything in the world. Glory, status, woman; all were his and anyone who threatened to encroach on these would be a thorn in his side!

Any normal person, such as the Tenth Prince, even if they regarded Lin Ming as a thorn in their side they would never dare to move against them. They would outwardly smile and show good will. But Zhang Guanyu was different; anyone that threatened him would receive...

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