Chapter 1289 – The Final Battles Begin

Chapter 1289 – The Final Battles Begin

“That Lin Ming, he sent Ram Saber flying back with a single spear!”

The audience was bewildered; Lin Ming was too fierce. In speed, Laws, and everything else he was an outstanding genius, and even his frontal combat skills were terrifying. He was a versatile martial artist with seemingly no weakness at all.

“It seems Lin Ming’s speculated ranking will rise.”

“You’re very powerful.” Ram Saber said. He suddenly stood up and ripped off his tattered clothes with his hands, revealing a dark and thickly muscled body that seemed forged from metal. It was unknown just what special physique he had, but after his bloodline was activated, his originally skinny body grew to epic proportions. His muscles bulged out and his strength rose to a ridiculous level.

Ram Saber was like a wild beast as he stared at Lin Ming and wiped the leaking blood from the edges of his lips.

“Mm? You can still stand?” Lin Ming was surprised. That strike was nearly his complete physical strength just now, but it seemed that Ram Saber’s resilience and defensive capabilities had surpassed his imagination. To be able to be included in the Divine Seal 12 Children, this Ram Saber was truly extraordinary.

He could already imagine that the fights from now on would be much more difficult! Dragon Fang, Xiao Moxian, Frost Dream, Hang Chi, none of those powerhouses were easy to deal...

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