Chapter 1288 – Battle of the 12 Children

Chapter 1288 – Battle of the 12 Children

The finals had 50 participants. In the first part, everyone would have to fight 18 matches, and the final 10 people would be chosen from this.

The order of the matches in the first part was all dependent on the arrangement of the host, Vast Cosmos. He would try to separate the powerhouses as far away from each other as possible.

After Lin Ming defeated his opponent in the first round of matches, he continued to earn a series of wins. The following opponents he fought were all weaker than Frost Moon.

“I admit defeat.”

Facing Lin Ming, Blood Carnage wasn’t able to summon the least bit of courage to fight. If it was an opponent that was stronger than him, but not by too much, then Blood Carnage would still fight. Although he would be defeated, it would still be a glorious defeat that tempered himself.

But facing this freak like Lin Ming who was included in the Divine Seal 12 Children, Blood Carnage was well aware that he would be defeated within two attacks if he fought. In front of several hundred million people, what reason was there to bring shame and trouble upon himself? If he was going to lose like that then it would be better to preserve his own strength to deal with the following matches, because no matter how bad his results were he still needed to fight the...

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