Chapter 1287 – Divine Seal 12 Children

Chapter 1287 – Divine Seal 12 Children

“That sword is suspicious…” Mo Eversnow’s voice suddenly sounded out from within Lin Ming’s mind.

That strange sword was clearly stained with rust, and yet it contained a mysterious strength.

“I also think it is strange, but I cannot understand it at all. Perhaps that sword was his lucky chance.”

When Lin Ming first rose in strength he had relied on the Magic Cube to do so. Of course, afterwards, most of his growth had been because of his own strength as he walked down his road of martial arts one step at a time. His firm heart of martial arts, his will, his destiny, all of that was indispensable.

If someone were to obtain a heaven-defying magic tool and also possess a great will and destiny, it wasn’t strange if they could grow to the point of defeating an Empyrean descendant in three moves.

Jun Bluemoon had the chance of being such a person. If so, then he was absolutely a grass-roots martial artist, an extremely rare exception that might appear once in a trillion trillion people.

As Lin Ming was thinking this, Jun Bluemoon had...

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