Chapter 1286 – Three Swords

Chapter 1286 – Three Swords

“19th match, Dragon Fang against Yuwen Bo!”

Vast Cosmos loudly announced from above the martial stage. Dragon Fang had come from the same Gravemoon Star contest area as Lin Ming. Their strength was similar, thus the two of them had their first matches at similar times. After Lin Ming was Dragon Fang.

Dragon Fang’s opponent was Yuwen Bo. Yuwen Bo came from the Vast Universe World and was the direct bloodline descendant of Vast Universe World’s Great World King, the Wide Universe World King. During the pre-finals rankings, he was someone who far surpassed Nether Limitless.

Dragon Fang’s tremendous strength was clear to everyone who could see. And now, after Lin Ming defeated Frost Moon, very few people believed that Yuwen Bo would win. Even so, the moment Yuwen Bo entered the stage, he immediately aroused cheers from the audience. Since Vast Universe World was the host world of the First Martial Meeting finals and this land was where Yuwen Bo came from, he naturally had many supporters.

“Please advise.” Dragon Fang bowed.

Facing Dragon Fang, Yuwen Bo’s complexion was grim.

As soon as the match started with Vast Cosmos’s announcement, Yuwen Bo struck out with his entire strength. He knew that his chances of defeating Dragon Fang were extremely...

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