Chapter 1283 – Empyrean Demondawn

Chapter 1283 – Empyrean Demondawn


Early in the morning, in the great dimensional world opened within Vast Universe World, the sun had yet to rise. The skies were still covered with a misty blue haze, and in the great dimensional world, countless people had already gathered.

On the ground, innumerable people gathered like masses of ants. In the skies, people were as concentrated as seas of locusts. These people were all rushing towards the tournament martial field.

Before, in Slaughter City, the elimination round and the qualifying round for the finals hadn’t been made public. But, several hundreds of millions of people were able to come to the martial field. As long as they had an admission ticket they could watch the tournament.

The admission tickets for the finals were incomparably rare. With several hundred million admission tickets, this amount was divided amongst the 100-200 Empyrean Heavenly Palaces, 3000 great worlds, and countless medium worlds, small worlds, and hidden dimensions. On average, a great world only had 30,000-50,000 or so tickets.

The Holy Lords of various Holy Lands, the Elders and chief disciples of World King Holy Lands, the royalty and high level figures of World King level Divine Kingdoms, and even true World King powerhouses had gathered here. With several hundred...

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