Chapter 1283 Empyrean Demondawn

Chapter 1283 – Empyrean Demondawn


Early in the morning, in the great dimensional world opened within Vast Universe World, the sun had yet to rise. The skies were still covered with a misty blue haze, and in the great dimensional world, countless people had already gathered.

On the ground, innumerable people gathered like masses of ants. In the skies, people were as concentrated as seas of locusts. These people were all rushing towards the tournament martial field.

Before, in Slaughter City, the elimination round and the qualifying round for the finals hadn’t been made public. But, several hundreds of millions of people were able to come to the martial field. As long as they had an admission ticket they could watch the tournament.

The admission tickets for the finals were incomparably rare. With several hundred million admission tickets, this amount was divided amongst the 100-200 Empyrean Heavenly Palaces, 3000 great worlds, and countless medium worlds, small worlds, and hidden dimensions. On average, a great world only had 30,000-50,000 or so tickets.

The Holy Lords of various Holy Lands, the Elders and chief disciples of World King Holy Lands, the royalty and high level figures of World King level Divine Kingdoms, and even true World King powerhouses had gathered here. With several hundred million people gathered in the massive arena, any casually chosen person was someone who ruled over their own domain and was the god of trillions of people. But now, the members of this audience were nothing but ordinary spectators. There were even many people that couldn’t obtain a good seat.

In the previous qualifying matches for the finals, only the total top 50 ranked martial artists of the first groups would be able to make it to the true finals.

Besides these 50 people, everyone else had to undergo a brutal series of eliminations to compete for the remaining rankings. Finally, there would be 300 individuals left and in the end these people would be divided into two lists – the Heaven Proclamation and Earth Proclamation.

“There are only 50 people in the first group and Empyrean descendants take up 30 of those positions, leaving behind only 20 spots. This competition is too intense.”

“This round of the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting is truly the most glorious time for the last several hundred thousand years. This is because Empyrean Divine Dream used the Divine Dream World to gather up all the geniuses of the Divine Realm, leading to these unprecedented times!”

“That’s right, to be able to be alive during these prosperous times is truly our luck. I heard that there are even many Great World Kings who are rushing over to watch the tournament.”

As everyone was speaking, a horrifying roar spread through the skies as an indescribable pressure came shrouding down over them all. A loud explosion echoed through the world, resounding between the heavens and earth as if space itself would shatter!

“Heavens, what sound is that!?”

“It feels like my soul is breaking!”

Facing this unknown sound, many people felt as if their eardrums were pierced through and even their divine soul seemed on the verge of breaking and scattering away to nothingness.

At this time, a truly shocking sight occurred. In the skies, a massive void was ripped open. A terrifying flow of energy passed through this void as a massive head a hundred miles long emerged from within the darkness. This head had a vicious lone horn sticking out from its center and it had massive scales as black as ink, as dark as night. This was a black dragon head!

“That is… a dragon!?”

“That is a Black Dragon, a God Beast! A true God Beast!”

Many people in the audience cried out in alarm. Over 99% of the people here had never seen a God Beast before, and without some great accident, most of them would never see one again in the rest of their lives either.

In the Divine Realm, a God Beast was an existence nearly on par with an Empyrean.

“Dragon… it’s really a true dragon…”

The Ancient Dragon Clan’s Great Elder stiffened where he sat. This was truly a tragedy. Even though he was the Great Elder of the Ancient Dragon Clan, he had actually never seen a living true dragon before.

“This is a dragon…” Lin Ming saw this scene from the contestant waiting area. Facing this God Beast, he could feel a vast pressure pushing down on him.

“To think that a dragon would come here. Does this mean that an Empyrean has arrived?”

Many people suddenly thought of this. They knew that only a powerful Empyrean could use a God Beast as a mount.

“Black Dragon… then it is probably… Empyrean Demondawn!”

In the audience there would always be some high level figures who had some understandings towards the Empyreans. A Black Dragon was the mount that Empyrean Demondawn rode.

“Empyrean Demondawn!”

As many people heard this name, they all paled. Empyrean Demondawn was known as one of the highest Empyreans. Originally he had been known as a demonic fiend. On his path to becoming an Empyrean, the number of people he killed simply couldn’t be counted.

In the past, when he was still a half-step World King powerhouse, because he had recklessly killed too many people, he had aroused the anger of the world. Some great influences banded together to exterminate him, but the result was that they failed. Afterwards, Empyrean Demondawn broke through to the World King realm and instead exterminated those that tried to kill him, slaughtering everyone until not even dogs or chickens remained.

In that war, the number of casualties used trillions as a measurement.

This sort of demonic fiend had caused panic wherever he went. It was only when he became an Empyrean that he slowly cooled down and began to retreat from the known world. However, when the older generation of martial artists heard his name, they still felt their hearts tremble.

“Empyrean Demondawn personally came?”

“Is he here to watch Xiao Moxian?”

“An Empyrean came in person to watch the First Martial Meeting?” Someone cried out in shock.

In the last several First Martial Meetings, there simply hadn’t been any Empyreans present. This was because an Empyrean was born every million years while the First Martial Meeting was held every 4000-5000 years. The champion of the First Martial Meeting simply wasn’t comparable to an Empyrean. Only a martial artist with potential on par with an Empyrean was worthy to grasp the attention of one.

“Haha, so it’s Brother Demondawn making a personal appearance. Come, let me invite you!”

A full and vigorous voice suddenly echoed in the air. Lin Ming could clearly hear that this voice belonged to Empyrean Vast Universe.

After Empyrean Demondawn appeared, Empyrean Vast Universe naturally had to make a show.

Empyrean Vast Universe and Empyrean Demondawn were both simultaneously watching this First Martial Meeting. It was possible that even Empyrean Divine Dream was watching this event. This was truly a golden age of martial arts!

After Empyrean Demondawn appeared, the atmosphere in the martial field was much more heated. Although they didn’t see Empyrean Demondawn with their own eyes, knowing that they were watching the same tournament as an Empyrean level character was truly a thrilling matter.

“Even Empyreans have come. There are simply too many masters in this First Martial Meeting. If Senior-apprentice Brother Lin were to be compared with them then…” In the Ancient Phoenix Clan’s area, Yan Littlemoon was a bit worried. Although she knew that Lin Ming was strong, she had also previewed the information of the various geniuses before this, and each one was more terrifying than the last. Any one of them was an unfathomable existence to her.

“Everyone! I welcome you all here on behalf of Vast Universe Heavenly Palace. I am the host of the First Martial Meeting’s finals – Vast Cosmos!”

High in the skies above the arena, a tall and burly man floated in the air. His figure was enlarged by an illusory magic array, allowing the several hundred million spectators to clearly see him.

“Now I shall announce the rules of the finals. There will be a total of 50 martial artists participating in the finals. The finals shall be divided into two stages. In the first stage, each person shall fight 18 battles. According to their performance in these 18 battles, the 50 martial artists shall be divided into two tiers. The first tier will consist of 10 people and the second tier will consist of 40 people. The finale of this tournament shall be played out with those 10 people in the first tier, and the top 10 list will be decided from them.

“For those in the second tier, the following 40 rankings will undergo a round robin tournament. The first three ranked in the second tier will gain the qualifications to challenge those in the first tier. If they win, they can take their spots.”

The rules of the finals weren’t complicated. One didn’t need to fight every other martial artist in the finals. As long as one could enter the first tier of martial artists, they would in fact only need to fight around 27 matches.

“The first 18 matches shouldn’t be difficult. But in the following nine matches, every opponent will be a top 10 master. Every battle then shall truly be splendid.”

After Lin Ming heard these rules, his heart flashed with this thought. But at this time, above the central arena Vast Cosmos loudly shouted out, “The first match shall begin – Frost Dream against Ling Feng!”

The first match would be Frost Dream’s debut!

This was also reasonable. Frost Dream was the most popular candidate to win the First Martial Meeting. Although Xiao Moxian wasn’t weak, she was simply too young. No matter how great her talent was, it was impossible to make up for the absolute disparity brought by age.

“Frost Dream!”

“Fairy Frost Dream!”

As the audience saw Frost Dream step up for the first match, many people, in particular the heroic young men, began to loudly cry out her name.

Many people didn’t know of Dragon Fang or Lin Ming and they definitely didn’t know of White King or Hang Chi. But, there was no one that didn’t know of Frost Dream and Xiao Moxian. Frost Dream was synonymous with icy cold perfection, a profound and untouchable woman. In the Divine Realm, she was the dream lover of countless young elites.

Now that they saw Frost Dream step on stage, how could they not be excited?

Frost Dream’s opponent was Ling Feng. Ling Feng was also a core disciple of an Empyrean Heavenly Palace. In the previous group matches he had achieved total victory. His performance had been immaculate the entire time; he was absolutely not weak.

“Who is that? Why bother fighting, just hurry up and give up!”

“That’s right! You unlucky loser just hurry up and admit defeat or you’ll bring trouble upon yourself!”

Ling Feng truly had bad luck. This was his first time stepping on the finals’ arena stage and he had to encounter Frost Dream. Moreover, he had to face the relentless assault of her countless adoring fans.

Ling Feng’s complexion was ugly, “These people, it’s as if they think I’m useless.”

He certainly didn’t believe that he was Frost Dream’s match. But, as a peak genius himself, he had absolute confidence in his skills. Or, at the very least he didn’t believe he would fold under the first strike. He should at least be able to fight a little battle with Frost Dream.

He didn’t plan on admitting defeat here.

“Let the match begin!”

Vast Cosmos loudly announced. At the same time, Ling Feng rushed towards Frost Dream. He held a great heavy sword in his hands as he slashed down at Frost Dream. His strike was like a tiger descending from a mountain, unstoppable.

But, Frost Dream didn’t move at all. With a gentle wave of her hand, it was like a light spring breeze wafted past her. In the next moment, as Ling Feng was hurtling through the air, all of his protective true essence completely shattered. His entire body twisted like a broken kite line as he fell to the ground.

In the entire process, no one was able to clearly see what Frost Dream did. The match had just begun and Frost Dream didn’t even move at all.

“Frost Dream, victory.”

Vast Cosmos expressionlessly announced. As for the several hundred million people present, including even Frost Dream’s fans, all of them looked as if they were lost in a daze.

“Was that an illusion attack?”

“No! Ling Feng’s protective true essence was clearly shattered by something. How could an illusion attack possibly have such an effect!”

Frost Dream was strong, but what truly terrified everyone was that they didn’t know just where her strengths lay.

Her techniques, her Laws, all of them resembled some illusionary phantom attack, but the truth wasn’t so simple. It was impossible to imagine just what her skills were.

“Too terrifying. If one were to meet Frost Dream, they might not even know how they lost!”

Many of the genius participants had awe in their eyes as they looked at Frost Dream. As for the several hundreds of millions of people present, there was a brief lull of silence before the entire arena burst into raucous cheers.

“Frost Dream! Frost Dream!” The frenzied shouts continued for several dozen breaths of time before slowly quieting down.

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