Chapter 1282 – Easily Passing Qualification

Chapter 1282 – Easily Passing Qualification

In the group stage, because the masters were seeded into different groups, Lin Ming was victorious all the way to 10 wins without a single hiccup.

Dragon Fang also had a 10 win winning streak. Not just that, but Hang Chi and two other Empyrean direct disciples easily obtained a 10 win winning streak.

Although these were group matches, one could see many things. There were always interested parties that soon summarized the top 50 people of all the divisions. Lin Ming and Dragon Fang were arranged within these rankings. The 30 Empyrean direct disciples were naturally included too, as there wasn’t a weak Empyrean direct disciple. After all, the weak did not possess the qualifications to become Empyrean descendants.

Another matter worth mentioning was Divine Dream Heavenly Palace. Besides the Heavenly Palace Saintess,...

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