Chapter 1280 Unchallenged

Chapter 1280 – Unchallenged

After Dragon Fang and Lin Ming mounted the city gates, many others followed.

Even the Empyrean descendants no longer bothered posturing.

“That is White King! Empyrean Vast Universe’s direct disciple!”

White King had a very low-key personality. Although he had joined the preliminaries, he didn’t reveal his true abilities and he rarely came out to the contestant area, so many people didn’t know about him.

Without any problem, White King easily defeated the blood hands and stepped onto the city gates.

After White King, Xiao Moxian also flew up. She even engaged the blood hands in a little tussle before scattering them. The other martial artists were afraid of the blood hands and vigorously tried to avoid their attacks, but this was actually amusing to Xiao Moxian.

Then, it was time for Fairy Frost Dream.

Frost Dream gently lifted her hand, covering her entire body with a shroud of scattered light. This dream-like scattered light slowly revolved around Frost Dream, seeming like countless gorgeous flower petals that fell around her. Then, she simply vanished.

In the next moment she appeared above the city gates. A hazy halo of light appeared, shining with dazzling colors like spring cherry blossoms. Frost Dream appeared within these flower petals, proud and tall, like a goddess fallen down from the highest heavens. Her entire body exuded a holy and sanctified aura. Even though she had entered Slaughter City, she wasn’t stained with even the tiniest scent of blood.

Like this, Frost Dream had inexplicably appeared within Slaughter City, as if those flower petals had led her there. From start to finish, no one had been able see how she moved or what Laws she utilized.

“Is that teleportation?”

“Impossible! The power of space around Slaughter City is extremely solid and there is also that resentful energy that is hindering us all. It’s already difficult for us to fly, so how could she possibly teleport?”

“Too horrifying. I don’t know what Laws she used to accomplish what she just did. Who could possibly be her match?”

Everyone looked at Fairy Frost Dream with awe in their eyes. Xiao Moxian was a heaven-gifted eternally rare genius, but she was still only 26 years old. Being so young, her strength would naturally lag behind her senior.

Moreover, after understanding Xiao Moxian’s information, although one still couldn’t hold a candle to her, at least one could clearly see her strength. She wasn’t like Fairy Frost Dream, who had always been a mystery. Even now, no one had the faintest clue about her.

“These aren’t the Space Laws. This Frost Dream is too terrifying…”

Dragon Fang thought to himself. As someone with an extreme understanding of the Space Laws and who also touched upon the sixth level Concept, he could easily distinguish whether or not Fairy Frost Dream had used the Space Laws just now.

There was no limit in this universe. There was always a higher mountain and a stronger person!

Many martial artists sighed with emotion. Frost Dream was already so horrifying and yet no one knew where the limits of her strength lay.

After Frost Dream, the other remaining participants were all overshadowed. Even if they could defeat the blood hands, that wasn’t anything special at all.

Soon, all 10,000 people had tried to enter Slaughter City, with only 890 succeeding!

“10,000 people and now 90% were suddenly eliminated!”

“This is just too abnormal. I thought that after entering the finals I would be able to earn a ranking, but I never imagined there would be so many people that wouldn’t even have the chance to enter the arena!”

“There are too many geniuses. This competition is the definition of brutal!”

Even those that successfully entered Slaughter City thought this.

As for those martial artists that were overly confident in themselves, they also restrained the contempt and envy in their hearts. The difference was laid out in front of them. Many of them had managed to barely bypass those hands to enter Slaughter City, whilst some easily defeated the blood hands to enter. There was even someone like Fairy Frost Dream who had entered using some inconceivable means.

“Let the battle begin!”

One of the World Kings managing the tournament suddenly announced.

In the 10 great divisions, those that were eliminated were in the second group. Everyone in the first group would be considered has having passed.

Lin Ming was in the third division. In his division, there were 62 individuals remaining in the second group. They had to challenge those 30 martial artists in the first group.

“Dragon Fang?”

Lin Ming was surprised. He hadn’t noticed before, but he and Dragon Fang were placed in the same division. In addition, Purple Blade was also here.

“Choose your opponent. Each of you has three chances.”

The one managing this division was a thin old man. He wore blue clothes and had an extraordinary and ethereal-like temperament to him.

The 62 individuals chose their opponents. Neither Lin Ming nor Dragon Fang was selected.

This was also a reasonable matter. As one of the few people in their division capable of defeating those blood hands, wasn’t challenging someone as strong as they were just asking to die?

Beside Lin Ming, several other people weren’t chosen either. These were Empyrean descendants, Heavenly Palace core disciples, or the original first ranked martial artists of their contest areas.

Everyone else had three or four opponents. There were even some with poor performances as they entered Slaughter City, like Purple Blade, who were simultaneously chosen by seven or eight people.

“So that’s how it is. The elimination round in entering Slaughter City helps to reduce the number of participants but it is also to help those in the second group have an approximate understanding of the strength of the others. They can learn who is weak and who is strong so they don’t randomly waste their time.”

As Lin Ming was thinking, he suddenly felt someone’s eyes fall onto his body. He saw a white-clothed youth looking at him. This youth was shaved bald with a nine ringed scar on his head. He wore straw sandals and a loose robe, the very image of a solemn monk.


Lin Ming’s eyebrows arched up.

“Benefactor Lin, I’m blessed to meet you. I am a disciple of Mount Potala, Hang Chi.”

“Mount Potala…” Lin Ming was startled. He had never heard the name of Mount Potala before.

As Lin Ming was trying to recall anything about Mount Potala, Purple Blade’s true essence sound transmission suddenly rang in his hears.

“Brother Lin, Mount Potala is an Empyrean Heavenly Palace level influence. They have an incomparably low profile most of the time, but they are one of the longest-lived sects with the most glorious history, and it is even rumored that they have two Empyreans in their sect!”

“Two Empyreans?” Lin Ming asked, startled. A sect with two Empyreans!

“There are extremely few double Empyrean influences. In the future, Divine Dream Heavenly Palace and Demondawn Heavenly Palace will be the same. Fairy Frost Dream and Xiao Moxian could be called young Empyreans. But, whether it is Divine Dream Heavenly Palace or Demondawn Heavenly Palace, they cannot compare with Mount Potala. This is the difference in background. I heard that Mount Potala has already existed for 3.6 billion years…”

“3.6 billion years!”

Lin Ming sucked in a breath of cold air. For an influence to survive for 3.6 billion years, that was a truly terrifying number!

“In these 3.6 billion years of history, would there always be an Empyrean standing guard within their ranks? Wouldn’t that mean they had several dozen Empyreans born from their sect?”

“I am not too clear about that. Mount Potala is extremely mysterious. The only reason I understand a little about them is because I was investigating information about everyone who is participating in the First Martial Meeting finals.”

Lin Ming deeply looked at Hang Chi. This monk exuded an aura as deep as the sea. He was clearly an extreme master.

“There are really too many masters here. This is a den of crouching tigers and hidden dragons!” Lin Ming thought to himself again. He cupped his hands and greeted Hang Chi in return.

“It’s fortunate to meet you too.”

Since this fellow was polite, Lin Ming naturally had to return the politeness.

And at this time, the fierce battling of the elimination series began. Every large division had several battles continuing on at the same time. In nearly all of them, the participants from the second group were defeated.

After battles and more battles, there would be someone eliminated every now and then. But this intense combat had no influence on Lin Ming at all. When the sun set and the elimination round was over, out of the 10,000 people at the start, only 300 people were remaining, with each division having 30 people.

Purple Blade was unlucky; he had been eliminated.

There wasn’t much he could do about this. He was someone who just barely managed to enter into the first group. On Gravemoon Star’s side, there was only Lin Ming, Dragon Fang, Nether Limitless, and Bloodless Sword left.

To a martial artist, there was no difference whether they fought in the morning or night. After several hours of rest, the group matches would begin.

And at this time, it was still around midnight.

“Things are happening so fast!”

Lin Ming thought to himself. There wasn’t even time for a day’s rest!

Lin Ming glanced over the name list. In each group of 30 people, every person only needed to fight 15 times. Lin Ming’s matches were mostly against Heavenly Palace core disciples or top three ranked participants from their contest areas. He wouldn’t be running into true Empyrean descendants or Dragon Fang yet. It seemed that everyone who was considered an extreme master was seeded into different groups to stagger them apart from each other.

“First martial field! Lin Ming against Cang Liang! Dragon Fang against Wuju! Hang Chi against Heng Yin!”

In the individual martial fields of the divisions, a referee loudly announced that the first one to go on stage was Lin Ming. This was also reasonable. Lin Ming hadn’t even fought in the elimination series so he naturally had to fight first.

His opponent, Cang Liang, was a Heavenly Palace core disciple, and he stayed at Palace 90. From this number, his strength could be imagined to a certain extent.

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