Chapter 1280 – Unchallenged

Chapter 1280 – Unchallenged

After Dragon Fang and Lin Ming mounted the city gates, many others followed.

Even the Empyrean descendants no longer bothered posturing.

“That is White King! Empyrean Vast Universe’s direct disciple!”

White King had a very low-key personality. Although he had joined the preliminaries, he didn’t reveal his true abilities and he rarely came out to the contestant area, so many people didn’t know about him.

Without any problem, White King easily defeated the blood hands and stepped onto the city gates.

After White King, Xiao Moxian also flew up. She even engaged the blood hands in a little tussle before scattering them. The other martial artists were afraid of the blood hands and vigorously tried to avoid their attacks, but this was actually amusing to Xiao Moxian.

Then, it was time for Fairy Frost Dream.

Frost Dream gently lifted her hand, covering her entire body with a shroud of scattered light. This dream-like scattered light slowly revolved around Frost Dream, seeming like countless gorgeous...

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