Chapter 128 - [Liao Wenyuan]

Chapter 128 Liao Wenyuan

First, he would snatch the jade virginity of the woman that Lin Ming had loved and use her to enhance his own cultivation. Then on the stage in front of the eyes of everyone, Lin Ming would be defeated by the man who had stolen his woman, and also experience a severe wound that would take half a year to heal from. This would cause him to fail the Seven Profound Martial House core disciple test!

With so many attacks concentrated together, what would happen to Lin Ming?

Would he ever be able to calm down his ‘spirit’? Would he be able to maintain his perfect heart of martial arts?

Zhang Guanyu self-reflected. If he was placed in that situation, he would be wild with rage, and his ‘spirit’ would be disrupted.

If his ‘spirit’ couldn’t flow well, then one’s cultivation would be hindered.

Since ancient times, the frustrated geniuses everywhere that had never recovered from a setback all had one common characteristic. This was that before it had happened, everything had been smooth sailing, and then they would suddenly suffer a disastrous defeat.

“You think your future prospects are limitless, but these are all things given to you by your martial intent. If I take away your martial intent, then you will be nothing! Wait for me to plunder the virginity...

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