Chapter 1277 – Child of the Dark Phoenix

Chapter 1277 – Child of the Dark Phoenix

Xiao Moxian and Frost Dream were two peerless women. Standing side by side, they were two women that made all surrounding martial artists feel less than dirt. These two women, whether it be in status or strength, made everyone feel incomparably distant. Even that World King Holy Land disciple who was criticizing the arrangement of the palace residences didn’t complain that the Empyrean direct disciples were placed in the first 30 palaces. This was because the disparity was far too obvious.

There was no need to mention Frost Dream; it was said she was the disciple that Empyrean Divine Dream was most proud and satisfied of for these last 10 million years.

Empyrean Divine Dream was already one of the few peak characters of the entire Divine Realm. The strength of her most outstanding disciple could be imagined.

However, Fairy Frost Dream was an extremely low-key and subdued individual. The techniques she used, the Laws she cultivated, all of that was a mystery.

As for Xiao Moxian, her character was widely known as a naughty trickster that loved to play all the time. Even so, her strength was also a mystery.

During the preliminaries, Xiao Moxian’s terrifying strength had struck fear into the hearts...

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